Sound Therapy: Fantasy HFO Hypnosis Audio

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You won’t know what hit you in Sound Therapy: Fantasy HFO hypnosis Audio.

fantasy HFO hypnosis audio

You volunteered for Mistress Carol’s study.  How admirable of you.  But you know the results in volunteering for Mistress Carol can be so unpredictable.

Sound therapy.  Sounds harmless and easy enough. Mistress Carol places you in a room with padded walls and all sorts of wires leading to a large conduit in the ceiling.  Your heart rate increases…

Soon you are relaxing deeply as light massage fills your body.  Mistress Carol pipes her hypnotic vocals into the room and you fade into the nothingness, as her voice takes you so easily into the void.  Soft, soothing, nothingness — feels so good to you.  So relaxed, empty and carefree.

You are deep down inside her hypnotic sleep.

Her voice returns to you through the intercom.  Dominant, harsh, demanding.

Frequency and vibration is all she needs. You have become her toy, her experiment, her lab rat.  She increases the sound.  Your body immediately responds.

More sound… more frequency and vibration.  Your skin tingles, your nipples pulled and tugged.  Your need to come rising with each turn of her dial.

Squirming, bucking, she keeps turning it up.

Your need to come becoming intolerable.  Mistress Carol only laughs.

Your moaning and groaning intensifies.  Still she just laughs.

Will she ever let you come or is it the torment exciting her.

The ending for you in this fantasy HFO hypnosis audio will be volcanic.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing induction
  • Body tease and torment using sound, frequency and vibration
  • Nipple sensation suggestion
  • Fantasy role play
  • Hands free orgasm
  • Milking
  • Contains heavy profanity
  • Background music
  • Background vocals
  • Heavy sound effects
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 31:35

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Sound Therapy
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Jason
Oh my god...

It may sound like I am over exaggerating; but this file seriously reinvigorated my love for Erotic Hypnosis. I have been listening to Erotic Hypnosis files for... I think the earliest I started listening was around 2009-2010. These last few years I fell off and have not been listening to any hypnosis files much, if at all. For no real reason honestly, I just haven't been feeling it. That being said I would still keep up with my favorite hypnotists from time to time and at least read the file descriptions of the new work they put out because I can't help it. The description for Sound Therapy caught my attention, and I've always adored Mistress Carol's work. I genuinely do not remember any of the details of the session itself; but I vaguely recall feeling intense feelings of arousal. It was like nothing I have ever felt before. I had never moaned or groaned or squirmed as hard as I did before listening to this file. EVER. I am genuinely glad I was listening to this file alone; because if anyone was in my house at the time they would have absolutely heard how much I was loving getting absolutely FUCKED by Mistress Carol. I was unbelievably loud and I was enjoying every moment of it.

Thank you so much for all of your work that you put out Mistress. I will never forget the experience that I had with this session and I can't wait to listen to it again. I am so happy she is still putting out work to this day. It feels like she is always improving her craft and she ALWAYS puts out amazing, quality files. This file is a genuine 10/10 for me.

7 reviews for Sound Therapy: Fantasy HFO Hypnosis Audio

  1. David (verified owner)

    i read so many reviews where people say this is Mistress Carol’s best works. Well I am not going to say that what I am going to say is back to back sessions of on ongoing orgasms, body and mind. Yes I had to go back to back to continue the incredible journey Mistress took me on with this masterpiece.

    My body from my head to my toes was so blown away, from her start on the sound therapy on my nipples to moving down to include my butt the sensations were incredible.

    Mistress Carol’s use of this therapy was incredible and if you have not gotten it yet, you must.

  2. papillon090

    This is one of my core fantasies becoming alive. Hypnotically sound conditioned to react with arousal. These sounds are making every cell of mine tingle in lust.

  3. Martin (verified owner)

    That was an amazing experience. Felt so helpless and under Mistress Carol’s control. Hearing her on the intercom instantly intensified my hypnotic trance i was in and the sensations i was experiencing was mind blowing. IIt drained me orgasm after orgasm

    Thank you Mistress Carol

  4. slave Royale (verified owner)

    This is another excellent hypnosis creation by the extremely talented Mistress Carol. I really love this session. As always at first, whenever I hear Her voice and before I know what’s happening… my conditioned mind and body just obediently start relaxing down for Her. And then I am simply along for another pleasure filled hypnotic adventure with Her in control. At some point, I “think” Mistress Carol switches on to Her Dominatrix side of Herself in the session and then the listener is at Her mercy, but in a most wonderful pleasure-filled experience for the listener.

    Each one of Her hypnosis sessions feels like She includes a part of Herself – heart and soul – into creating these wonderful works of art for everyone to experience. She keeps gradually turning up the pleasure level in this session until then at some point you can no longer resist Her commands and Her hypnotic power. I love to submit and surrender to Mistress Carol’s hypnosis. Thank You Mistress Carol for this session.

  5. terry_c58

    The feeling of being under Mistress Carol’s control and a subject of Her experiment is exhilarating.

    She expertly controls my arousal as she describes what her sound therapy would do me. She brings me to the brink of orgasm, holds me there in intense arousal before finally releasing me to an orgasmic eruption.

  6. John

    Wow, this file is really creative and unusual and I love that! The idea of being stimulated inside Mistress Carol’s sound chamber was really exciting to me, and actually listening to the masterful end product was even more exciting.

    After the relaxing induction. Mistress Carol proves again that she knows how to push my buttons. When she turns up the heat, I find it next to impossible to resist her. I find her trances so unbelievably erotic. I couldn’t help but become highly aroused in this one, with an explosive result in the end.

    What can I say? Mistress Carol is unbelievable and she definitely knows what she is doing.

  7. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    The feeling of being subjected to Mistress Carol’s will is overwhelming.

    Taken and used as her lab rat in a trance befitting a powerful Dominatrix. Lulling you first into a pleasant deeply relaxing hypnotic sleep you easily slip into her control. When her voice came over the intercom it instantly made me her helpless toy. And once the vibrational sounds start and gradually increases in intensity you quickly become her lab bitch. Unable to escape Mistress Carol’s powerful hypnosis you will give her whatever she wants. A helpless toy for HER entertainment.

    Thank you, Mistress Carol.

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