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This fan favorite will take you deep.

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In this deep erotic trance, Zero is the amount of thoughts you will have under the spell of Mistress Carol’s commanding sensual voice. Her sexy voice will seduce you into deeper submission and eliminate any resistance within you. This session is the ultimate one-hour mind f*ck.

A fan favorite and originally $34.95.  Buy it today!

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Session Includes:

  • Relaxation and Deepening Instructions
  • Surrender
  • Increased Submission
  • Post Hypnotic Amnesia Suggestion
  • Time Distortion Suggestion
  • Hypnotic Trigger Word Use
  • Open-Eyed Hypnosis
  • Fractionation
  • Mistress Worship
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Background Music and Vocals
  • Brainwave Entrainment
  • Session Length is 64 minute

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4 reviews for Zero

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Another fantastic work of deep erotic hypnosis. As always Mistress is in complete control – and I simply LOVE that. It’s hard for me to remember much of this recording except to say I do remember the “wow” when I get to the point of Her just “having” me….I’m hanging on Her every word, listening, being controlled and just in some form of thoughtless, hypnotic suspended animation. God it’s a sexy feeling!

    Mistress is the absolute mindfuck best. I know exactly who is in control of me and I love and adore it as well as being helplessly addicted to being in this state. I love, adore, and worship Mistress – She is The One!

  2. pp.vaooa (verified owner)

    I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying this session trains you on one of Mistress Carol’s frequently used trigger words. Although the trigger is intuitive to obey in other sessions, I got this one just to enhance my response. But this is now a favorite session that I crave training with. Dominant firm control, more dominant control, followed by firm dominant control – and what’s left for you? Zero. Nothing but submission and worship.

    If you adore Mistress Carol, then you’ll adore Zero.

  3. Nicodemus

    ZERO is an absolutely essential session for anyone who intends to take their first steps towards entering inside Mistress Carol’s hypnotic domain. Suggestions given inside this session will etch themselves deep down into your subconscious mind, and they will prove massively beneficial in your future hypnotic journeys with Mistress Carol. ZERO CONTROL is what you will have after this session…

    During the session, you will be dropped in and out of trance until you have absolutely ZERO THOUGHTS AND RESISTANCE left and simply start to accept everything Mistress Carol throws at you. Like a drooling hypnotic zombie, you will be commanded to mindlessly repeat mantras as you will be throwing any kind of resistance you have under Mistress Carol’s powerful hypnosis.

    After you come back up, your recollection will be minimum wondering where that whole hour had gone by. The only after-thought that will be left inside your mind, is that whenever it comes to Mistress Carol you truly have ZERO CONTROL.

    ZERO is a timeless classic, that used to be one of the most liked sessions, whenever it was originally released a few years ago back at Mistress Carol’s old MyHypnoticDomain website. Despite being of the older sessions on this site, it is not any less relevant or powerful today. Far from it: this session’s effective conditioning still holds very strongly even in more modern sessions, and even overall effectiveness of all Mistress Carol’s hypnosis. After many years of owning this session in my collection, I still re-listen this session regularly, because it’s one of my all-time favorites and its conditioning is so important to refresh every so often.

    If the idea of having ZERO CONTROL under a powerful hypnotic woman sounds arousing to you, then this session should be high on your list. In fact, as an long-time listener, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SESSION TO ANY OF MISTRESS CAROL’S NEW LISTENERS.

    With the reduced price of this session, there is simply a ZERO chance you wouldn’t want to buy this session. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

  4. kphaws-0660

    Full disclosure this file was the beginning of my obsession with Mistress Carol and Deep Trance. There is a mischievous quality to Mistress Carol’s voice that adds to the pure joy of this file. Even though I have gone back to this file again and again my memories are choppy and disjointed. Overall the feeling of being toyed and played with by an incredibly powerful hypnotist. Fractionized seemingly again and again, unable to resist any suggestion as you plummet into the deepest trance of yours life. This is the kind of file you wish would never end. I think I need to listen to it now.

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