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Male Chastity hypnosis recording: Enjoy Mistress Carol’s chastity hypnosis session for men to celebrate Locktober as you are bound to her voice & Chained!

Welcome to this new session on Chastity, created especially for Locktober!

Chastity Hypnosis

Wrapped in Mistress Carol’s powerful voice you must decide how you approach being “Chained” for her, in this Male Chastity Hypnosis Recording.

This session is strong.  You WILL be bound by her voice.  They will hold you like chains.  Once you listen there is no choice.

You have no control.  You have been chained.  You are no longer free.  You have been chained.

These chains are unbreakable, unbendable, unforgettable.

In this Male Chastity Hypnosis Recording, you are chained, chained by obedience to Mistress Carol.  You will not resist no matter how horny you become.

But, she is a wicked master.

You may choose to listen to Chained which is the least amount of days in your sentence.  She always takes things a step further…

You will also receive three more recordings.  She has placed a different amount of chastity days inside of each one and has designed it so you don’t know the amount in each recording.  If you are brave enough, you simply must choose. (Evil laughter!…)

When you go through all three, contact Mistress Carol and she will jumble them up again and set you back on your chastity path.  A never-ending journey of Male Chastity into your own limits.

She loves her own deviant nature.  She loves to torment you.

She loves to see you in chains.

Enjoy this Male Chastity Hypnosis Recording, for Locktober and beyond!

Male Chastity Hypnosis Recording Definition:

“Male chastity refers to a practice in which a man deliberately abstains from sexual activity. He might abstain from sexual intercourse only, or from all types of sexual activity. Individuals and couples who are experimenting with male chastity might use willpower alone or they may rely upon the help of male chastity devices, which prevent intercourse and masturbation.” ~Male Chastity from Kinkly.


This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Chastity hypnosis recording
  • Background vocals
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Three separate recordings

5 reviews for Chained: Male Chastity Hypnosis Recording(s)

  1. Silver (verified owner)

    So October was approaching and I was wondering if i could hop on the bandwagon and was looking for some reinforcement and found it within this hypnosis chastity file. I had been previously in chastity (not so hellish) seven days and at that point it seemed a looong time. And then there where three files. I started and finished the first one and was curious about the other two, listened to it, and stayed in chains for the whole time. A bit surreal feeling at times but nonetheless joyfull in a totally different way. Being on that path, i topped it up with a month of coffee break and some cardio and muscle workout. Workout and only deccaffeinated coffee still going on. Maybe next year or next time i am brave enough to reach out to Mistress at the end of the chained period to see what her plans for me and her chains will be further on.

  2. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    There is no better way to devote myself to Mistress Carol than to keep myself chaste and under her control. As her voice takes me deep, I can almost feel the special, strong chain tightening around my cock. She leaves no doubt that she has control of my orgasm, that I won’t be having one until the set time is reached. That set time is also variable. I can choose, but I don’t know what it is until the end, when the ‘chain’s is already set and tightened. I look forward to the reward, but, strangely, I desire to test myself with each term.

  3. Giles (verified owner)

    In my experience, Mistress Carol’s sessions become much more powerful when listening in chastity – the feelings of surrender and devotion increase with each day. I love that I can test myself in this way for Mistress, and the mystery of not knowing how long you’ll be chained is so exciting. I’ve moved onto my second sentence without release and it feels fantastic. That the mystery sessions can be mixed up so that this powerful hypnotic control can be experienced indefinitely is a brilliant touch.

  4. slave Royale (verified owner)

    I love the idea of not quite knowing what will happen next with hypnosis sessions. I guess this is why I really love experiencing new sessions for the first time and also why I love Skype sessions with Mistress Carol. The certain level of possible uncertainty seems to be a thrill for me especially with my overactive mind that is difficult to turn off my mind sometimes. I love the idea of not knowing when She might unexpectedly use a trigger command on me, or She uses a quick finger snap out of the blue on me or me not knowing the ending of a recorded session. For this reasons, I also love the hypnosis amnesia part of not being able to remember details of sessions. Unfortunately, not being able to remember hypnosis sessions also makes it more difficult for me to type up session reviews.

    With this wonderful new session, at first you will not know ultimately how long you will be in chastity for Mistress Carol, and I really, really love this part. It’s a session that will expand your limits in chastity and will learn that obedience is pleasure in serving time in chastity for Her. The need to obey Mistress will grow stronger in the listener over time and I believe that it will become easier to obey while you are hypnotized. This session will help me test my limits for chastity which I really like. For one reason or another, I usually do not do chastity too often during the year, but I know I should do more of it as a submissive person. I guess I just enjoy the pleasure of hypnosis too much. But I felt like I needed to experience and follow through with this chastity time for Mistress Carol now. Plus, I really do enjoy Her hypnosis sessions and feel comfortable with Her hypnosis. This session sent me down in to a very deep, wonderful relaxing trance at the beginning like all of Her sessions for me… … and then Mistress Carol went to work in the playground of my mind. I love this part of the process. At this point I totally trust Mistress Carol and love Her hypnosis style. She truly does create a wide variety of sessions that can appeal to just about anyone who wants to take a break from the stress of daily life. As someone who wants to expand his submissive side, this session is perfect for me to go along with Locktober this month. I love the idea of giving up my control to Mistress Carol for a while during this time of chastity for me. This session reinforces the process of “obedience is pleasure” in my mind and body and I feel the need to obey my Mistress growing stronger in me … as I learn to submit more of myself to my Mistress. She is in control now when I am in Her Hypnotic Domain and that includes times in chastity. She decides when I get to feel pleasure (or denied pleasure when I am in chastity) As my time in chastity continues for now, I hope to become a more focused submissive, more focused on my Mistress to serve and please Her. Thank You Mistress Carol for this opportunity to experience a period of time locked up in chastity for You. I might need to post a follow up review sometime later on when my time in chastity ends. Thank you.

  5. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    As always Mistress deserves a 10/5 for Her work! I was present to start – enthralled by Her beautiful, seductive voice. I settled down and basked in the gloriousness of Her taking me down…and then I was “gone”.

    At times I seem to “remember” her soft sensual voice “stroking” me, holding me, enveloping me, penetrating deep inside me. But I have absolutely no idea what She has said or done to me. I’ve tried to listen and stay present to these sessions without success BUT OH MY GOD do I feel gloriously aroused and oozing when I drift back into the present. Somehow I feel the need to exercise restraint. The last few days have been exquisite agony. I’ve had numerous frequent urges throughout the day and night so far have reveled in resisting the call to satisfy my urges.

    It’s perplexingly glorious holding back from the calling in my loins. OH MY GOD this is so fantastic! I don’t know what You’ve done to me and for how long I’ll be able to hold out BUT THANK YOU MISTRESS. I LOVE, ADORE, WORSHIP, SUBMIT and SERVE YOU. Whatever You want from me – it’s Yours!

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