Roll of the Dice: Male Chastity Hypnosis

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Hypnotized, chaste, controlled.  Will Lady Luck be on your side?

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Have you been fantasizing about Male Chastity Hypnosis? Locked away in a cock cage or chastity device, hypnotic or otherwise, to keep you chaste and away from those distracting orgasms.

Once you enter here, into male chastity hypnosis by Mistress Carol, there is no turning back. You will be under her complete control, and only unleashed when she decides to let you go.

Initially, this chastity challenge will last 10 days. Time for you to learn modesty, and control, so you are a good and obedient boy who does what he is told. Mindless, obedient, chaste…

All you need to do is let go, and allow yourself to succumb to your Mistress’s commands, as she takes care of everything and releases you from your unsavory desires.

Being locked in male chastity is so freeing. It frees your mind of those desires, it frees your body from carnal pursuits, it frees you completely to surrender, to feel calm, at peace, mindlessly obedient. You are free now… to obey your Mistress…

Locked in male chastity hypnosis. No orgasms… no masturbation… no edging… no touching yourself… You will be locked in chastity until Mistress Carol rolls her dice to see if she will let you go free.  Mistress Carol’s control partnered with Lady Luck.

Are you ready to undertake this challenge now? To give your mind and body over to your Mistress, so you can submit to this male chastity hypnosis audio?

Come then boy, enter now, enter into submission and complete control… As Mistress Carol rolls the dice and decides your ultimate fate.

Warning: Once you have entered, you can never go back!

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This session features:

  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Relaxing layered-vocal induction
  • Hypnotic chastity
  • Obedience/submission
  • Triggers:  sink, comatose, sleep, submit
  • Background music
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 23:20

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1 review for Roll of the Dice: Male Chastity Hypnosis

  1. curiousnca (verified owner)

    I was so excited to see this session on Mistress Twitter feed today. I have long wanted to try a round of chastity, to feel the power that Mistress will have over me, and I jumped at the chance to not only buy this, but I listened to it right away as well, and this is a fantastic audio session. Even with all the things that were going on in my mind prior to putting in my earbuds and starting the recording, soon they were all gone, and I was mindless, with only Mistress’s voice to guide and program me.

    I remember quite a bit of the trance actually, and that may be by design to make sure you remember her instructions implicitly. I distinctly remember two moments from the trance I was in. The first is, Mistress Carol at one point says “It doesn’t matter” and the way she said it, I could SEE the smile and knowing look in her eyes in my minds eye. Maybe one of the hottest things I have ever heard from Mistress Carol. The other was more on my end. There was a point in trance where Mistress was talking about chastity, and something just “clicked” in my and I knew that I would be remaining chaste for Mistress Carol, and follow all her instructions to the letter.

    To sum up, this session took me very deep, and very fast, and I am enjoying the after affects of it immensely. Just for the trance alone, this was WELL worth the listen. I will post a follow up review at the end of my chastity, Thank you again Mistress for such a wonderful time.

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