Male Orgasm Denial: The MindWare Series – Too Dumb to Come

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Your mind opens.  Your IQ melts away.

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In this Male Orgasm Denial hypnosis, your excesses will be restrained as you experience mind control and orgasm denial, and enter The VIP Entrance .

Male Orgasm Denial

Nervous, naked, and on your knees, with your head bowed, your heart pounding frantically… you submit to my every whim as Mistress Carol takes you deeper into the VIP experience.

Prepare, as you wait before the door into the VIP area, as you give up total control to our adoring Mistress Carol. She will program your mind and use your body how she pleases, for her entertainment and HER pleasure.

You will soon learn you are too dumb to come, and each time you try to masturbate you will get dumber and dumber. This will train you in male orgasm denial, how to be a perfect pet, and how to control yourself in HER presence… and even when she is away.

Yes, she knows your one true weakness and how to exploit it. She knows how to make you weak, and begging for more.

Your Mistress always gets what she wants.

She knows your fatal flaws.  She always knows…

Your heart is pounding.  Your palms are sweating. You await her every command.

Come now boy, follow her: black leather boots and high heels clicking on the marble tiles as she escorts you down a long narrow hallway, dimly lit.

There, you enter a room where she will program you to remove all your bad, bad excessive habits. Naughty boy!

Now… Mistress Carol will program you, stealing your ability to climax and come. Until you are no more than a boy bimbo — too dumb to come.

Fall to your knees before HER.  Let the programming begin!

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Rapid trigger induction
  • Layers of voice
  • D/s/Obedience
  • Orgasm denial
  • Post hypnotic suggestion
  • Trigger usage:  Sink, Enter
  • Recording studio quality production
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Session length is 16:30
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Too Dumb to Come
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4 reviews for Male Orgasm Denial: The MindWare Series – Too Dumb to Come

  1. terry_c58

    This journey through the VIP Entrance clearly shows the control Mistress Carol exerts in my mind, over my body. Being stripped naked to enter is so fitting as it represents the way I bare myself of all pretense to serve her.

    She makes it clear that she has complete control of my orgasm, that I cannot reach one because of the suggestion she has planted deep in my mind. I understand and obey. Will she allow me another orgasm? If so I will gladly accept it on her terms. If not, I am grateful to serve.

  2. jefit2010 (verified owner)

    Not being able to recall the contents of The Vip Entrance trance had me squirming a bit. It’s the first session in the MindWare series.

    Mistress Carol’s strict demeanor takes charge right away. Using an implanted trigger to instantly transport me into another realm. Where helpless submission to her authority renders me totally enslaved to her will. Her entertainment. Her pleasure. Somewhat bewildered by her commands, yet a strong desire to obey kept me completely focused on her hauntingly sexy voice. Was it a spell she put over me? Hard, horny, and denied. Mistress Carol owns my cock. And I’ve now become Too Dumb To Cum. A bimbo enslaved to the powerful Hypnotic Domme, Mistress Carol.

    The erotic tease and denial is superb!

  3. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol easily hypnotizes and controls me. — there is no better way to describe the way I feel when I listen to this excellent session.

    As my subconscious mind becomes more trained, weaker and more conditioned to Mistress Carol’s hypnosis, then my mind and body are becoming more trained and simply reacting and obeying Her voice. Before I realize what’s happening anymore when I hear Her voice, the pleasure starts to fill up in me and my mind starts blanking out and obeying Her commands…. I am truly becoming Her submissive obedient slave.. I love this session.

    It is my pleasure to serve and obey for my beautiful Mistress. Step into Her VIP rooms where Mistress will train you to become a better more obedient sub / pet / slave for Her pleasure. Fall deep for Mistress Carol.

  4. Android 5C077 (verified owner)

    Horny boys beware – Mistress Carol will be using your erect cock and pliable mind to ruin your orgasms for her extended pleasure.

    This trip into Mistress Carol’s VIP Entrance and down the hall to her brainwashing room starts with your journey on your hands and knees to a room with a soft bed, where Mistress Carol will sit by your side and hypnotize you with her words and presence, all in the name of turning you into her dumb jerk-off boy.

    She will turn your cock into a pleasure object for her amusement, able to get hard and horny but never release – just jerking over and over again in the name of serving Mistress Carol.

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