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Ask an Erotic Hypnotist: 12 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

Have Your Ever Wanted to Ask an Erotic Hypnotist These Questions?

I’m Mistress Carol, an Erotic Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  In the twelve plus years I’ve been creating erotic hypnosis audios and helping people enjoy sexy experiences through the use of hypnosis, I’ve received many questions about hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, and my lifestyle in general.  Following are the most frequently asked 12 questions that have been asked of me in the past and this article will allow me to share them with you.

1. Ask an Erotic Hypnotist: What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a non-ordinary state of consciousness with heightened focus, decreased awareness and increased suggestibility in which typical conscious boundaries are bypassed allowing the listener entry into the subconscious mind where limits do not exist.  In this state of mind, one can achieve the removal of habits or ways of thinking that prevent them from reaching their goals to living a better life.

“Hypnosis is a mental state of highly focused concentration, diminished peripheral awareness, and heightened suggestibility. There are numerous techniques that experts employ for inducing such a state. Capitalizing on the power of suggestion, hypnosis is often used to help people relax, to diminish the sensation of pain, or to facilitate some desired behavioral change.” – Psychology Today

2. How did you start as an Erotic Hypnotist?

Years ago, my day job was much different.  I was running construction projects as a project manager (seems I’ve always been telling men what to do).  A downturn in the economy caused my position to disappear and construction jobs to become scarce.  I floundered around for a while trying to figure out what to do next.  My slave (I’m a Dominatrix in my personal life) had listened to several established Erotic Hypnotists and suggested that I give it a listen as he’d been craving this type of control through his Mistress.  I listened to several including, Isabella Valentine, Nikki Fatale and Mistress Candice.  I gave it a try.  Being a natural psychologist, it fit me like a hand in a glove and soon My Hypnotic Domain was born and I’ve been creating Erotic Hypnosis ever since.

3. How does Erotic Hypnosis work?

Erotic Hypnosis is hypnosis containing a sexual component to it.  Since hypnosis removes outside awareness and creates heightened focus within the listener, the hypnotist can concentrate his/her language on a topic(s) that the listener finds arousing.  Then, in giving suggestions in trance, tell them what to do with that heightened arousal.  This can be done during trance with a hands-free orgasm or masturbation or after trance with sexual arousal hypnosis suggestions.

4. Ask an Erotic Hypnotist: Can I come in hypnosis?

Explosively.  Hypnosis allows the listener to accept the suggestions of increasing arousal and impending orgasm by the hypnotist directing all their focus on the moment of release.  Since limits are removed in hypnosis, this allows the hypnotist to suggest extremely powerful results.  I’ve had many listeners tell me that an orgasm in hypnosis is the strongest orgasm they have ever felt.

5. Can I practice Erotic Hypnosis with my partner?

Absolutely!  Hypnosis enhances any relationship, sexual or otherwise.  In hypnosis it helps if you trust the individual and have established rapport with that individual.  Who do you trust more than your partner?  Learning how to hypnotize someone takes a little knowledge, a little confidence and a little experience.  Go for it!  It’s a great deal of fun and hypnosis is a HUGE relationship builder and sex enhancer.  There are also many recordings out there for all sorts of couples to share.  It just takes a little research.

6. Can I use your scripts to make my own recordings?

Absolutely NOT.  All of my work is copyrighted and intellectual property that belongs to me only.  Piracy is a huge problem with digital media and content creators are very sensitive when it comes to their own work.  Learning how to write and create your own hypnotic recordings is not difficult to do.  There is a huge amount of information on the Internet to research.  It just takes time and effort.  There are also scripts you can purchase from writers and record them yourself if writing seems a daunting task to you.

7. Is Erotic Hypnosis safe?

Mostly.  In all walks of life there are individuals that would love to take advantage of you.  Typically, the subconscious mind will alert you to any uncomfortable boundaries crossed by a hypnotist and bring you out of trance.  But, your safety is always in your hands.  Be sure to do your homework to assure trust for the individual who wants to gain access to your subconscious mind.  This person should be reputable and that the type of trance that you are listening to parallels your own belief system.  Do you want to become a bimbo?  Are you comfortable with experimenting in financial domination?  Do you find feminization arousing?  There are all sorts of Erotic Hypnosis recordings to choose from.  Just be careful.  If you are unsure, it’s wise to listen to the recording out of trance first to be sure it’s safe and appealing to you.

8. Is Erotic Hypnosis Hypnotherapy?

Typically, no.  Erotic hypnosis is for entertainment only though some recordings can make you feel really good after listening (Blissful Sleep)  Typically erotic hypnosis and hypnotherapy are structured differently in language composition with hypnotherapy concentrating on removing those things that prevent one from achieving goals.  Hypnotherapy is an excellent choice if you are suffering from anxiety, fear, depression or wanting to get rid of an unwanted habit.  I highly suggest you consider hypnotherapy before talking to your doctor about anxiety medication.  I’ve seen many transformations in those who are suffering in just a few short sessions.

9. Can you teach me how to do hypnosis?

I’ve read many books.  I’ve practiced many hours.  I’ve taken online courses and I’ve even attended hypnotherapy school.  It’s not something you can learn immediately from another and it certainly isn’t anything I’m going to teach you without significant compensation.  Right now, I’m enjoying the pleasure of creating my own recordings and doing hypnosis online.  Would I do some instructional courses or writing in the future?  Maybe.  But right now, my dance card is full with all sorts of personal fun hypnotic adventures and I’m going to stick with it for a while.

10. Can I be your 24/7 live-in slave?

I’m sorry to say this is a request I get more often than I should.  Consider this… you are a total stranger.  I don’t know what you look like, who you are, what kind of financial condition you are in or what kind of mental health condition you are in.  I know absolutely nothing about you.  The only people I can think of who would jump at the chance for this type of opportunity are serial killers.  What were you thinking when you wrote the email?  That a Mistress would say “Hell yeah.  Here’s my address.  Bring all your shit with you.”  Clicking delete is the kindest thing I can think of to do with these emails though it takes great restraint not to send an unpleasant response back.

11. Can I be a test subject you can try new things out on for free?

I enjoy what I do.  I enjoy hypnotizing men and showing them what they can achieve in hypnosis in many sexy ways.  But, I’m a hypnosis professional.  I have neither the time nor the desire to engage with you in any capacity without compensation.  Have a nice day.

12. Do you do in-person Erotic Hypnosis?

Yes.  But only rarely when I travel elsewhere to do sessions.  I live rurally and unfortunately there are no facilities close to me to do live sessions.  Online sessions are all I offer currently.  Schedule one today.  Online Hypnosis with Mistress Carol.

Ask an Erotic Hypnotist: Conclusion

I am a very approachable hypnotist.  I enjoy engaging with my clients and listeners.  I’m always open to answering questions that may not be addressed in this article.  Just be aware of my time and respect it.

If you’ve never tried erotic hypnosis before, check it out.  I personally create sessions for men only but there are many talented, reputable content creators out there and it takes just a little searching to find exactly what you are looking for.

Try it for free at EROTIC HYPNOSIS FREE or browse my many recording categories here EROTIC HYPNOSIS AUDIOS.  Find out more about Erotic Hypnosis in my article: Erotic Hypnosis: The Ultimate Guide.

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Enjoy your adventures deep inside your own mind!

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