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What Can I do to Trance Better?

I’m Mistress Carol, an Erotic Hypnotist, Dominatrix and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  In the ten plus years I’ve been creating erotic hypnosis audios and helping people enjoy sexy experiences through the use of hypnosis, I’ve received many questions about hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, and my lifestyle in general.

This is the question I get asked the most.  In this blog post I’m going to give you some ideas and recommendations to help your mind learn how to drop into trance more quickly and easily.  At the end, I have some suggestions given to me from other listeners to pass onto you. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind.

Trance is a state of semi-consciousness in which a person is not self-aware and is either altogether unresponsive to external stimuli (but nevertheless capable of pursuing and realizing an aim) or is selectively responsive in following the directions of the person (if any) who has induced the trance. Trance states may occur involuntarily and unbidden. .” – Wikipedia

Frame of Mind

Being in a positive space before you attempt hypnosis is important.  If your mind is reeling with your day’s difficulties, it will struggle to give them up and drop into trance.  This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but if you are having difficulty, leave it for a better time.  You may have had a bad day at work or have something else unpleasant in your day occur.  It happens, that’s life.  If you try to use hypnosis to remove the stress and anxiety caused by it and it’s not working, stop.  Train your mind to trance on another day when things are looking brighter.

Frame of Body

Give your body everything it needs to be comfortable.  I always recommend lying down.  This allows your body complete support underneath it in case it jerks and moves as trance deepens.  It also allows you to fall into a very deeply relaxed state without having to worry you’re going to fall over.  If you enjoy trancing in a chair or sitting in front of your computer to listen, be sure you have some sort of neck support you can rest your head upon (even an airplane pillow works), especially if it’s a longer trance.  When the chin finds the chest in deep trance, it can be taxing on the neck muscles and the discomfort can bring you out of a delightful trance much sooner than you wanted.

Keep the room on the warmish side.  Bodies relax a little bit more when it’s warm and minds become sleepier.  Sleepy minds benefit trancing and even if you fall asleep, your mind is still listening to everything I’m saying to you subconsciously.  You are still being programmed and trained.

Limit your distractions.  If you are using your phone, turn off any notifications that may make noise or vibrate.  Let your pets wait outside.  Devote this time to the enjoyment of your deep trance.

Inductions and Deepeners

Everyone’s mind is different.  The way we absorb and process information is different.  Some listeners may respond beautifully to a Progressive Relaxation Induction.  Others might cringe by it.  Busy minds may need to become confused in order to let go and bypass their defenses.  Others might drop to a snap of my fingers (which happens all the time).  You are unique and different.  What works on you may not work on others, and of course, vice versa.  Experiment with different induction and deepener types and stick with what works for you.  If you respond to them all – fantastic!  Others are jealous of your skills.

Also, if you are attempting to trance to a recording that might be beyond your current skillset, start with a session prior that you know works for you.  Put your mind in the space of trancing before you take on a session that’s been difficult to conquer.  You might find you just slide back down into hypnosis easily with the help of a “starter” trance.

Meditation and Breathing

Not everyone is a fan of meditation, but if you are, it’s a wonderful way to slow your mind down before you slip your headphones on.  Also, several deep breaths before pressing play will create relaxation in both the body and the mind.  If you don’t like to meditate, just breathe in and out deeply for as many breaths as it takes for you to feel a shift into relaxation.  Then press that play button.


I use mantras religiously when trying to sleep or go back to sleep in the middle of the night. I’m sure you’ve experienced waking in the night and having your mind dig up all sorts of things that seem so important at the moment, but when you wake up again in the morning, don’t seem important at all.  Your mind can pull that same sort of trick with you when you are trying to let go and fall into trance.  It doesn’t want to let go.  Too bad.  Time to override it.  Mantras do just that.  Use one, such as “I adore Mistress Carol” or several such as “I adore Mistress Carol.  Mistress Carol easily hypnotizes and controls me.”  Use as many as you need in whatever format you need.  Repeat the same ones.  Soon your conscious mind will just give up and take a back seat leaving you all the freedom you need to drift down into deep delicious trance.

Enjoy a Cup of Herb Tea

Before you plan to trance, settle in with a cup of herb tea.  There are many blends available that use a variety of natural herbs that create relaxation in the mind and body.  A few brands I use are Yogi Stress Relief and Hey Girl sleep aid with valerian root (I’m sure guys can drink it too).  Again, everyone is different and how you react to these botanicals will not be known until you try it.  If it works keep using it.  If it doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Do avoid caffeine and other stimulants before trancing.  You want your mind to slow your mind down, not rev up.

Don’t Get Frustrated – Fake it until you make it

Be kind to yourself if you don’t get the results you want immediately.  Trancing deeply is a learned skill.  As I’ve said before, the mind likes association and does remember the paths it takes to deeper and deeper trance states.  It might take you some time to get to where you can fall into trance quickly and easily.  Stay determined.  You and your mind will learn what works and what doesn’t, increasing your personal depth of trance a bit at a time.  How do you eat an elephant?  Yes, one bite at a time.  Keep going.  You’ll get there.

Know What Hypnosis is

To put it succinctly and plainly, hypnosis is relaxation, decreased awareness of outside stimuli, increased focus on the hypnotist and increased suggestibility.  If you are experiencing these things you are being hypnotized.

Many individuals enter into the erotic hypnosis expecting to fall into a deep trance and not remember anything.  Many can do that but, they’ve worked hard to get there (if not, lucky you).  My own personal slave listened to several erotic hypnotists before I got into the game.  Nikki Fatale, Isabella Valentine and Mistress Candice were a few of his favorites.  It took him about three years with passive listening (very active mind his) to trance easily and deeply.  He enjoyed it.  He was determined to reach the level he desired and he didn’t give up.

Keep your expectations light.  It’s not a competition.  Don’t set the bar too high for yourself initially.  Enjoy the process.  Enjoy being hypnotized.  Enjoy being aroused.  Relax.  Let go.

What works for others?

I asked my Reddit followers for their advice on what works for them.  Below is some great information I received.

  • Make trance intentional. Decide before you push “play” that you are going deep.  This seems to make the mental space for the suggestions to just take over.
  • I learned, partly through trying to figure out why I couldn’t trance, that I likely have aphantasia. Basically, when you close your eyes there are no visualizations.  It is just dark.  So, I avoid trances that depend on a lot of visualizing.
  • Compatibility with the hypnotist. Each has their own style, their own boundaries, and their own interests.  Alignment here makes for great trances.  It seems, even over a recording, like the hypnotist is reading your mind.
  • Don’t trance on a totally empty stomach, or with totally low blood sugar. Or trance before bed, unless falling asleep is the point of trance.
  • Be intelligent about which files you play back-to-back, or in sets of threes or fours. If it takes you a little bit of time to “slide” into being deeply and thoroughly hypnotized, treat the process as a multi-course meal with the right dishes in the right order.
  • Be horny.
  • This can easily be its own reward.
  • Thank any hypnotist who really gets you to that special submissive, controlled, dominated, explosively orgasmic, or whatever place you find. Gratitude for a trance helps open you up to the trance.

This is some excellent advice!


Although this maybe a tired adage, it’s very true in learning to trance more deeply – It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.  Keep your expectations in check.  Find hypnosis that resonates inside of you.  Find a hypnotist you enjoy.  Find the type of trance that works best for you as an individual and use it repeatedly.  Be positive.  Be adventurous.

Erotic Hypnosis can add so much satisfaction and well-being to your life.  It helps you to get away from it all and to enjoy such amazing orgasms!  If you are a beginner and just reading this for the first time, be patient.  It’s so worth it.

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