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What is a Personalized Erotic Hypnosis Audio Session?

Enhance Your Experience With a Personalized Erotic Hypnosis Audio Session

You may have noticed the term “Personalization” in emails from me or noticed the option offered on my website.  I’d like to explain what a personalized erotic hypnosis audio session is and how it enhances the hypnosis experience for you.

My hypnotic audio sessions contain multiple audio tracks:

  • The main track is my primary vocal which is me speaking directly to you and “allows me to weave my hypnosis journey into your mind”.
  • In addition I use several background tracks adding special vocal effects, brainwave entrainment and effects that allow you my subject to relax and allow me into your thoughts.
  • In a personalized erotic hypnosis audio session I edit the main theme to include your name and add sentences or phrases that I know will affect you personally.
  • If your personal kink fits within the theme of the session, let me know and allow me to involve you more with my guiding words.
  • I want to include wording that will take you to your hypnotic core and allow me to play with your mind and body while here.
  • I then modify the background tracks to include your name and I include new background tracks that are created specifically to you.

Every personalized erotic hypnosis audio session I complete is unique and created for the individual who purchased it.  No two are alike after all this IS YOUR personalization.

From a production point of view personal modifications need to fit within the theme of the hypnosis session.  If I told you to do something contradictory in a background to the main theme of a session, it would more than likely bring you out of trance.

The mind likes continuity.  The mind and body also like stimulation.  Many listeners who enjoy personalizing their sessions comment on the heightened arousal and depth of trance they experience by hearing me mention their name.  It’s very sexy and I’m sure they can hear the enjoyment in my voice.  I love creating personal hypnosis for you and I get off knowing just how it will affect you while you are listening to it.  That to me is a big turn on.

Personalized erotic hypnosis sessions take between three to four hours to complete and are affordably priced for new session releases.  The turnaround time is generally three to ten days, but often I can produce them in 24 to 48 hours depending on my workload and travel schedule.

Below are a few listener comments after enjoying their personalizations.

“This recording is one of my favorites. The session is by itself a most excellent and powerful deep trance inducing experience to be enjoyed by all. A personalized version of this one makes it feel even more special to me since throughout it all I can hear Mistress Carol speaking my name and talking directly to me. This all makes me feel even more warm and submissive inside me.”

 “If you haven’t experienced a personalized session by Mistress Carol you are missing out. A few minutes in to this powerful recording and I was lights out gone. Amazing.”

“Adding your name to this amazing session is well worth the extra cost. Hearing Mistress Carol speak my name for the first time sent a rush throughout my being. As the session continued, it brought the experience into a whole new perspective. I’ll be listening to this one over and over again. Thank You Mistress.

Personalize your session here:

If you still have questions, contact me any time at [email protected]

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