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Sexual Hypnosis: Guide to Hypnotic Erotica & Handsfree Orgasms!

If you have come across the words “sexual hypnosis” or “erotic hypnosis”, you may wonder what it means. In this guide, you will learn all about sexual hypnosis, what it is, and how you can use it to heighten sexual arousal, outside the context of a therapeutic hypnosis session.

What Is Sexual Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

Sexual hypnosis is like erotic hypnosis, in that it is used for erotic arousal to create a sexual experience. Many people use this type of hypnosis practice to become sexually stimulated in their mind during hypnosis. Remember that the MIND is our biggest sexual organ, and therefore, stimulating the mind sexually can be very sexy and exciting.

Some people enjoy listening to sexual hypnosis audios recorded by a professional hypnotist, or erotic hypnotist, to take them into a deep trance where erotic suggestions are given to the listener. Others may experience a real life sexy kink hypnosis from a hypnotist dominatrix or Femdom in relation to a BDSM scene or session.

Mistress Carol is professional who practices erotic hypnosis and combines both these types of sexual-type hypnosis, in that you can listen to her prerecorded erotic hypnosis audio sessions, and that she is also a lifestyle Dominatrix, Erotic Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist… an expert in controlling your mind and taking you deep into the sexy experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy.

For some people, sexy hypnosis is the ultimate fantasy and may be part of someone’s sexual fetish, in that they crave it to get off.

How Does Sexual or Erotic Hypnosis Work?

Like regular hypnosis, the erotic hypnotist guides the listener into a deep trance and a state of relaxation and ultimately surrender. Once the listener is under deep hypnosis or trancing, they are open to suggestions and erotic stimuli. This could be by listening to a hauntingly sexy voice, like Mistress Carols, or imagining the sexual situations she paints in the mindscape of your subconscious in her scenario. For others it could be a form of “audio porn”, but it is not the same as hypnosis.

How Does Erotic Hypnosis Create Sexual Arousal?

During these hypnotic erotic encounters, your sexual hypnotist may suggest various sexy scenes such as sexual roleplaying, hypnotic suggestions to increase arousal and sexual pleasure, to put one in mental bondage, dominance and submission play, kink, and surrender. The listener may also follow certain commands given to them by their hypnotic Mistress that they follow through in order to gain her praise and reward. Other people may enjoy a rock-hard erection power hypnosis session as you are touching yourself, where you are allowed release… or not.

Erotic hypnosis is often enjoyed via a sexual hypnosis meditation, or sexual hypnosis audio session, that you can download or stream from a website. Some hypnosis erotica is like a sensual audio story that one listens to in order to relax or create an erotic experience, similar to audio erotica.

What is the Outcome of Sexy Hypnosis?

The ultimate outcome of this kind of sexy hypnosis is usually orgasm. But it could also be a cuckolding session where the listener is put in mental chastity, and not allowed to relieve themselves via sexual climax. It could also feature sexual teasing and denial, or edging, erotic masturbation, hands-free orgasms, and jerk off instructions or JOI. Or it may just be a form of submissive training.

That said, here are some of of Mistress Carol’s most loved hypnotic erotica categories.

In some instances, the deep hypnotic trance is all that is needed to trigger erotic feelings and arousal.

Why Use Erotic Hypnosis for Sexual Edging?

Sexual edging (also known as teasing, peaking, or surfing) is when someone delays ejaculation, climax, or orgasm during erotic or sexual stimulation. The reason people do this is because when they finally do get off or come, it is much more powerful, intense, and orgasmic. This allows them to ride the wave of arousal (or surf the wave) much longer, for a heightened erotic experience. Sexual edging is also used in BDSM as an orgasm control technique or a form of orgasm denial.

During hypnosis, you are much more relaxed and open to suggestions, so able to be led into sexual edging much deeper for a more intense climatic experience. Many people also enjoy being told not to come, even when they are right on the edge, as this makes them even more aroused, so heightens the overall experience, and raises the libido. So, ultimately, people enjoy erotic hypnosis for sexual edging so they can achieve bigger hypnosis orgasms and handsfree orgasms!

Is Erotic Hypnosis Real?

Yes, sexual, and erotic hypnosis is real. Just listen to a few of Mistress Carol’s erotic hypnosis audios for yourself to see what it can do for you!

Is Sexual Hypnosis the Same as Hypnotherapy that Helps People Deal with Sexual Problems?

No. Sexual hypnosis is erotic in nature and is for purposes of sexual pleasure and entertainment purposes. Sex therapy and sex hypnotherapy are used to help people with sexual dysfunctions, and male sexual problems like intimacy issues, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, and erection problems. For women it can help them with sexual issues like dyspareunia (pain during sex), loss of desire or libido, and anorgasmia (the inability to achieve orgasm). Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in sexual therapy but is not used for erotic pleasure.

Can Hypnosis Help Sexual Performance?

Yes. Hypnosis for sexual performance anxiety can be practised using the power of positive suggestion, to help build sexual confidence on a subconscious level which can enhance a person’s sex life. A hypnotherapist can use hypnosis during a hypnotherapy session for sexual performance or hypnosis to increase libido, and help individuals reduce sexual anxiety which can be the root cause of many sexual dysfunctions. If you suffer from any sexual or medical problems, it is important to go to your medical provider for diagnosis and treatment. They then may suggest seeing a professional hypnotherapist or sex therapist to help you. If you have problems in your relations or porn addiction, you may want to try porn addiction hypnosis by a certified hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotist, or a clinical sexologist.

How Do You Get Started?

If you want to get into hypnosis of a sexual nature, Mistress Carol has a huge library of erotic hypnosis audios you can listen to at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home. Choose from her large assortment of sizzling erotic hypnotic sessions and sexy categories. This is the best way to try out sexy hypnosis and see if it turns you on from a real sexual hypnotist who is well-respected in the industry like Mistress Carol, so you know you are in safe hands and will have an amazing stimulating experience.

Trying Erotic Hypnosis with a Sexual Partner

You may also want to try erotic hypnosis with a sexual partner or play partner during a BDSM experience. Hypnosis is a skill, like anything else, so make sure to learn it from a reputable source rather than a hypnotic book. Also, before you begin, make sure to talk about consent, expectations, boundaries, and limits with your sexual partners.

Sexual and Erotic Hypnosis FAQs:

Can you hypnotize someone?

Yes, anyone can learn hypnosis. But, the person you are doing it to must feel both safe and comfortable and trust their hypnotic practitioner.

Can you be hypnotized to like someone?

You can’t be hypnotized to like someone against your will. And, when under hypnosis you can wake up at any time you wish. You are ultimately in control.

How can you tell if someone is under hypnosis?

A persona under hypnosis will look very relaxed, may have vacant or glazed eyes, or have their eyes closed, breathing will slow and become more relaxed, and may be unresponsive to stimuli like a loud noise, or being poked.

How Do You Hypnotize Someone to Do What You Want?

You can’t. You can’t be hypnotized against your will. Besides, trying to hypnotize someone without them knowing is unethical, creepy, and against the law.