45 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

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Live hypnosis with Mistress Carol?  Bliss.

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Enjoy a 45 minute LIVE! online hypnosis session experience with Mistress Carol.  There is absolutely nothing like it!

“Listening to her amazing hypnosis files has prepared you for the grail: a Skype session with Mistress Carol! This is an experience second to none.”

Online hypnosis sessions by Mistress Carol are extremely powerful experiences, that will exhilarate, arouse and titillate your senses, to make all your fantasies come true! Online hypnosis session training with a REAL Femdom Mistress is a great way to experience the “real thing”, but in the comfort of your own home.  Want to try Femdom Hypnokink, sexy erotic hypnosis? Let Mistress Carol take you on an erotic session that you both enjoy.

Mistress Carol is an experienced Female Dominatrix, Erotic Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She knows how to control your mind, and can take you deep into  an erotic experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy.  Praised as one of the best Femdom Mistress of Hypnosis in the industry, her sexy controlling voice will bend you to her will. Mistress Carol is a expert at sexual domination, strap on play and pegging. As a gentle femdom, she can lead you through a sensual femdom handjob session, chastity for naughty boys, and sissy play for men who want to transform into their feminine side. Enjoy cuckold sessions, bondage, mild humiliation, cbt, bdsm and more.

What do you secretly dream about at night? What erotic fantasies would you like to explore? Are you ready to being Mistress Carol’s online hypnotic submissive and obey her every whim?

Choose from a wide range of my most popular topics or create your own!


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45 Minute Online Hypnosis Session
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 1 reviews
 by Hypno Fan

I have been listening to files for several years but recently did my first live session. I cannot recommend it enough. It was truly a game changer! MIstress Carol is masterful at what she does!

6 reviews for 45 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

  1. escatalos (verified owner)

    I have now been fortunate enough to experience several online sessions with Mistress Carol, and to surrender to her powerful, but compassionate control. Her recordings take me deep, a personal online hypnosis session with her, many times deeper still. During the last few sessions, Mistress Carol has been implanting triggers for my other Mistress, whom I can devote myself to in person, to make use of. The result has been greater devotion and surrender to both of them: freedom to let go and submit. Bliss!.

  2. escatalos (verified owner)

    Bliss, pure bliss – not just during the trance but for a long time afterwards. Feeling so relaxed and so submissive.

    I have always been impressed by how Mistress is able to craft recordings that make one feel she is there with, able to observe and respond to what you are experiencing. This is nothing, however, to having a one-to-one, live online session, that is not just personalised, but shaped for you based on Mistress Carol’s preparation, and her observations during the trance. Not only was I taken extraordinarily deep, but, if the one file I have tranced with since my first live session is anything to go by, I am going so much deeper than before whenever I hear Mistress Carol’s voice.

    I cannot find the words to communicate this experience, but if I were to sum it up in one word: that word is ‘bliss’.

  3. slave Royale (verified owner)

    It is truly a gift to be allowed to experience an online hypnosis session with Mistress Carol.

    Every time that I sign on for a new session – thoughts swirl around in my mind — I am anxiously, patiently, obediently waiting for Mistress Carol to sign on and then to say “hello” to me makes the experience all feel like it’s the first time all over again. the feelings of self stress start melting away within minutes of hearing Her voice. I enjoy these sessions very much for many different reasons — some erotic fantasy, some therapeutic / stress relief, some submissive slave feelings, and other feelings of simply not knowing exactly what might happen to a trained listener of Mistress Carol’s hypnosis. By now, there are probably several trigger words planted in my subconscious mind that only Mistress Carol has access to them…… and that is part of the thrill for me as I have loved hypnosis for many, many years.

    At this point I am so happy and thankful to be in Mistress Carol’s hypnotic care. She is a beautiful, warm and wonderful professional and hypnosis expert. Knowing that I can feel safe and comfortable with Mistress Carol in control for the duration of the session allows me to relax and switch off my overactive mind. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  4. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Anyone who enjoys hypnosis sessions by Mistress Carol… really, really needs to schedule a Skype hypnosis session with Her as soon as possible. The experience of being hypnotized in real time online is absolutely incredible.

    My most recent session with Mistress Carol was the most deepest Skype trance time that I have ever experienced with Her. I felt so comfortable with Her at this point that I could feel like my mind and body were truly turned off and the keys were given over to Her to be in control for awhile. I truly trust Her as Her submissive sub / slave in training that I can totally relax completely and let go. It all sort of took me by surprise actually like I had gone into a whole other deeper level in trance and it was most extremely wonderful feelings. Personally, I still get a little nervous at the beginning of the Skype sessions with Her, but Mistress Carol always quickly helps me to relax and feel better.

    Parts of the session I can re-call, but mostly the hypnosis amnesia hits me rather quickly then and all I can do is remember feelings of the experiences afterwards. It’s difficult for me to put the pieces together of the sessions. I always wake up from trance smiling and with warm feelings of floating around mindless blank and no cares which is a really great place to be feeling. Personally, I enjoy not being able to remember things while hypnotized — unless Mistress wants me to remember stuff. I guess this is my good comfort level increasing with Mistress over the years with Her and regularly listening to Her other session recordings too.

    I am so happy and thankful that I have been given the opportunity to enjoy several of the Skype hypnosis sessions with Mistress Carol through HypnoDomme / sub sessions and also with Hypnotherapy sessions Her. She is an extremely professional and talented, caring, warm, wonderful and beautiful person and so much more. I am so happy, thankful, and grateful to be allowed to be in Her Hypnotic Domain and Her hypnotic care.

    As a learning submissive person, She is the best Mistress that I could have ever hoped to be with Her. As someone who looked to hypnosis as an alternative to medicine, Mistress Carol has used Skype Hypnosis to greatly help me in my personal life in many ways too for which I am forever grateful for Her assistance and guidance to deal with some of my personal issues. Thank You Mistress Carol for all of Your hypnosis sessions and for the many wonderful things that You do. I adore You. Thank You.

  5. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Everyone needs to experience the absolute wonderful feelings you receive when Mistress Carol hypnotizes you live online in Skype. I am so happy and thankful for my beautiful Mistress who I adore. I love to be hypnotized by Her.

    The recorded sessions are great and I enjoy many of them very much, but a live Skype session takes me to a whole other deeper deeper level down in Her Hypnotic Domain. I love when She gets my overactive worrying mind to turn off for awhile. I feel even closer to Her when I am talking and trancing in real time with Mistress Carol.

    I simply love Her hypnosis – She is the best. She trains me and keeps me safe as Her submissive boy, hypnosub- slave. I am so happy and thankful for Mistress Carol. She is a wonderful, highly skilled, genuine, honest, very caring and compassionate HypnoDomme – Hypnotist who I believe cares very much about Her hypnosis skills and who She hypnotizes and much more.

    I feel so wonderful and extremely happy after every Skype session. I feel so calm, very relaxed, blissful, safe, –no cares, no worries when I am in a deep trance with Mistress Carol in control. Thank You again Mistress Carol for Your Skype hypnosis sessions. I adore You.

  6. Severin

    A live online hypnosis session with Mistress Carol feels like having your mind dipped in gold. It is pure bliss.

    Take the deepest trance you’ve experienced via a recording and multiply by a thousand. When Mistress Carol has the chance to tailor and shape a full hypnosis session by gauging and witnessing your reactions you become Her mindless plaything.

    Mistress Carol can -and will- put you into hypnosis sooooo deeply you will be Hers completely.

    If you have a hypnosis fetish or want to be hypnotized then you simply MUST make this happen at least once in your lifetime. Mistress Carol will make your fantasies come true.

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