45 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

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Live hypnosis with Mistress Carol?  Bliss.

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Enjoy a live hypnosis experience with Mistress Carol.  There is absolutely nothing like it.

“Listening to her amazing hypnosis files has prepared you for the grail: a Skype session with Mistress Carol! This is an experience second to none.”

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45 Minute Online Hypnosis Session
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2 reviews for 45 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

  1. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Everyone needs to experience the absolute wonderful feelings you receive when Mistress Carol hypnotizes you live online in Skype. I am so happy and thankful for my beautiful Mistress who I adore. I love to be hypnotized by Her.

    The recorded sessions are great and I enjoy many of them very much, but a live Skype session takes me to a whole other deeper deeper level down in Her Hypnotic Domain. I love when She gets my overactive worrying mind to turn off for awhile. I feel even closer to Her when I am talking and trancing in real time with Mistress Carol.

    I simply love Her hypnosis – She is the best. She trains me and keeps me safe as Her submissive boy, hypnosub- slave. I am so happy and thankful for Mistress Carol. She is a wonderful, highly skilled, genuine, honest, very caring and compassionate HypnoDomme – Hypnotist who I believe cares very much about Her hypnosis skills and who She hypnotizes and much more.

    I feel so wonderful and extremely happy after every Skype session. I feel so calm, very relaxed, blissful, safe, –no cares, no worries when I am in a deep trance with Mistress Carol in control. Thank You again Mistress Carol for Your Skype hypnosis sessions. I adore You.

  2. Severin

    A live online hypnosis session with Mistress Carol feels like having your mind dipped in gold. It is pure bliss.

    Take the deepest trance you’ve experienced via a recording and multiply by a thousand. When Mistress Carol has the chance to tailor and shape a full hypnosis session by gauging and witnessing your reactions you become Her mindless plaything.

    Mistress Carol can -and will- put you into hypnosis sooooo deeply you will be Hers completely.

    If you have a hypnosis fetish or want to be hypnotized then you simply MUST make this happen at least once in your lifetime. Mistress Carol will make your fantasies come true.

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