Love and Submission Fantasy: Ecstasy

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Blissful deep trance.


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Love and Submission Erotic Fantasy

In this Love and Submission Fantasy: “Ecstasy”, you listen, relax, drift and fall into hypnosis effortlessly experiencing the pleasure of complete surrender. You feel the bliss of utter abandon, the sheer physical ecstasy of total relaxation in this love and submission session.

During this erotic hypnosis for men audio session, you will fall into a deep hypnotic trance, where you will experience the ultimate in relaxation, through love and submission and obedience  training by your loving Mistress Carol. Surrender now my love, into ecstasy as you float on the edge of an erotic dream.

You crave your Mistress’ voice… it is the only thing you want inside your mind. So whispers taking you deeper and deeper as her words and soft voice render you completely and utterly relaxed. There, on the edge of the dream, thought float by like wisps of smoke and you let them fade away, so the only thing let is her erotic voice taking you down, down, down into the deepest layers of your subconscious.

Like a true obedient slave, your are totally submissive and feel ultimate surrender in this safe, loving space, where you can let go and be your true self. Surrender now, my darling, and fall deeply under my spell, for you will be rewarded for your ultimate obedience.

Be prepared to find the deepest of trances as you surrender your thoughts, will and abilities.

It’s true slave.  The deeper you go, the better you feel.

And, in the end you will be rewarded with a body-quaking orgasm.

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This session features:

  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Deep trance
  • Deep relaxation
  • Countdown deepeners
  • Submission/obedience training
  • Surrender
  • Trigger word usage
  • Slave terminology
  • Orgasm in trance
  • Metronome
  • Brainwave technology
  • Background vocals and music
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 58:02


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4 reviews for Love and Submission Fantasy: Ecstasy

  1. papillon090 (verified owner)

    One of her best!

    Conditioned now to feel orgasmic pleasure whenever hearing the word “Ecstasy“. More, feeling the “Ecstasy“ any time I listen to Mistress Carol’s alluring voice. The deeper I go the more pleasure I feel. The more pleasure I feel, the deeper I go. I am spiraling down, becoming completely enslaved.

  2. escatalos (verified owner)

    Part of me is surprised that there are only two previous reviews of this file. Another part of me, is not. It is powerful stuff.

    Why did I overlook this file previously? I cannot tell. Having now tranced to it, I wonder how I could have missed it. This file is less about transformation or becoming a slave to Mistress Carol than it is about realising that you are already her slave and pet. After trancing to this file, I know the true ecstasy of being Mrs Carol’s pet. What a privilege, and what generosity. Thank you, Mistress Carol, for allowing me to be your pet.

  3. ajsvk73 (verified owner)

    It’s hard to find the appropriate words to describe this session. It’s not about a particular theme or instant, it’s a complete and progressive fascination as to what you may experience.

    It’s the beauty of trance. It’s that precious descent that you may not notice you’ve fallen until you’re awake, and when you might perceive that you’re in that lake of bliss ruled by your Mistress, then she’ll push your buttons of ecstasy in those incredible and pleasurable ways that make you want to return to that lake forever.

    It’s the erotic recall of those blurry and and sharp feelings at the same time. That recall that brings excitement while I’m writing these memories right now.

  4. Danny

    Absolutely Amazing, I’m out of breath. I submit to Mistress Carol.

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