LAZY: Guided Masturbation Hypnosis

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In this Guided Masturbation Hypnosis session, get ready to become Lazy, as Mistress Carol teases your mind, makes you so lazy, until she allows you to come.

guided masturbation

Are you ready to let go? To simply relax to the sound of Mistress Carol’s voice. To just be lazy?

Lay back and just listen. Let the sound of Mistress Carol’s voice move through you, relaxing every nerve, every cell, every fiber of your being melted away.

Relax… be lazzzzy…

There is nothing to do but listen, as you let Mistress take over and command your body, sooth your mind. Mistress Carol will do everything for you.

Deeper, deeper now, in lazy oblivion. A lethargy takes over and you let it all drain away, all thoughts, worries, your mind empties, and you become an empty vessel ready to be filled with pure ecstasy and arousal.

As your cock hardens, you do not even wonder why, you do not question, as your mind is blank, your body just a vessel to be filled with desire. In your mind’s eye, you see her, a ghost of your desires floating in like a hot sultry breeze over your nakedness, and feel her caress your most intimate spaces… those spaces in between the crevasses of your mind, in between your toes, and the tiny hairs of your chest, in between the tip of your cock as it hovers above your belly.

In this guided masturbation, Mistress Carol whispers quietly in your ear, “Lazzzzy….”

And all you want to do is touch it and cum. With each beat of your heart, your erection hardens as her teasing voice makes you ache with longing. You want to stroke it so bad, but Mistress will not allow it until she is finished with you.

Will she ever allow it? Or will she make you wait an eternity?

The only way to find out is to download this Guided Masturbation Hypnosis session and find out.

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This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Deep relaxation and laziness
  • Mindlessness/thoughtlessness
  • Finger snaps
  • Guided masturbation
  • Background vocals
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment entitled “Better Sex”
  • Recording studio production quallity
  • Session length is 27:24

5 reviews for LAZY: Guided Masturbation Hypnosis

  1. Silver (verified owner)

    I love being in trance for Mistress Carol. Now I love being lazy for Mistress Carol. Wish I had more time to be lazy. It feels just so good. Can definitely recommend.

  2. John

    It feels so great to be lazy for Mistress Carol. The thing is that it doesn’t stop there – her suggestions aroused me deeply, well before she allowed me to masturbate.

    I had a great orgasm with this file. When she tells me that I’m going to cum hard for her, this always comes true. Mistress Carol has already given me so much pleasure and so many beautiful feelings – her eroticism is unbelievable and undeniable. I am happy to be her under her control and I find her simply irresistible. She knows how to push my buttons and she does it expertly.

  3. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    We all love to enjoy a lazy time now and again to just zone out, not think about work or finances or just anything, really. It feels so good. But add to that the arousal that Mistress Carol brings with her trance and you have something exhilarating.

    She takes me deep in this session, relaxes me thoroughly, and allows me to be immensely lazy. There’s only one thing hard in this session and that is a welcome stiffness in my cock. That becomes something she has me use to her, and my, advantage. Mistress Carol expertly guides my masturbation even in my lazy state and brings me to orgasm that is epic.

  4. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    For those who are Mistress Carol’s well-trained boys, the simple word ‘Lazy’ will be able to drop you into trance even without being a trigger word in itself – just by her repeating it over and over in your quiet mind.

    The tease of being able… eventually… to stroke your cock for Mistress Carol will be long, and hard… very hard. She will train your mind to desire her control over your lazy mind and body even more than you already do, and when finally she gives you permission to touch yourself, it will be a hard and fast jerk-off session where you may well have to hold back from coming too soon…

    Another wonderful session to add to the collection for any of Mistress Carol’s jerk-off boys.

  5. slave Royale (verified owner)

    This new hypnosis session is another wonderful deep trance relaxing experience. It really does everything in the description and much more.

    I love to obey Mistress Carol. She will take you very deep down again into Her Hypnotic Domain. She is then in control of your thoughts and actions. It all starts happening before you realize it. It feels like everything just effortlessly goes into automatic mode with my mind and body and I’m just floating along focused on Her beautiful voice. I love being hypnotized by Mistress Carol. I love giving up my control to Mistress Carol. and then She is in charge. Her Hypnosis really agrees with my mind and body, and She also can get my over-active mind to turn off.

    This session helps me to feel even more submissive and obedient for my Mistress. Thank You Mistress Carol for this excellent session.

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