60 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

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Live hypnosis with Mistress Carol?  Bliss.


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Enjoy a 60 minute LIVE! online hypnosis session experience with Mistress Carol.  There is absolutely nothing like it!

“Listening to her amazing hypnosis files has prepared you for the grail: a Skype session with Mistress Carol! This is an experience second to none.”

Online hypnosis sessions by Mistress Carol are extremely powerful experiences, that will exhilarate, arouse and titillate your senses, to make all your fantasies come true! Online hypnosis session training with a REAL Femdom Mistress is a great way to experience the “real thing”, but in the comfort of your own home.  Want to try Femdom Hypnokink, sexy erotic hypnosis? Let Mistress Carol take you on an erotic session that you both enjoy.

Mistress Carol is an experienced Female Dominatrix, Erotic Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She knows how to control your mind, and can take you deep into  an erotic experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy.  Praised as one of the best Femdom Mistress of Hypnosis in the industry, her sexy controlling voice will bend you to her will. Mistress Carol is a expert at sexual domination, strap on play and pegging. As a gentle femdom, she can lead you through a sensual femdom handjob session, chastity for naughty boys, and sissy play for men who want to transform into their feminine side. Enjoy cuckold sessions, bondage, mild humiliation, cbt, bdsm and more.

What do you secretly dream about at night? What erotic fantasies would you like to explore? Are you ready to being Mistress Carol’s online hypnotic submissive and obey her every whim?

Choose from a wide range of my most popular topics or create your own!


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60 Minute Online Hypnosis Session
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31 reviews for 60 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

  1. Your Submissive Pet (verified owner)

    What an amazing opportunity to spend direct one-on-one time with Mistress Carol. Having Her use my name and talk directly to me in the same quality as Her recordings was incredible. She took me deep and was so calm and controlled for the entire session.

    Being able to use mantras to express being directly under Her control and have Mistress Carol enjoy hearing me tell Her that was even more arousing. The excitement heard in Her voice will make you feel so special spending quality on-one-on time with Mistress. Hearing my name used made me feel like we had just talked yesterday. She made me feel so comfortable so quickly.

    Mistress Carol made me feel so special that I will be having more sessions with Her as the excitement from Her voice will have you going to places you would never imagine.

    Thank You Mistress.

  2. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    A live session with Mistress is most likely the most incredible experience you will EVER have in your entire life! I am a live session junkie and just can’t get enough of this incredible woman. The depth, intensity and completeness of the fulfillment I experience under Her control on a physical, mental and emotional level just ALWAYS blows me away. Having Her focusing purely on me and adjusting Her magic to each and every stage of my deep dive into trance is absolutely phenomenal. And, when She is kind enough to give me some level of release – GOD, there honestly is nothing quite like it! I truly am Mistress’ eternally helpless hypnoslut and absolutely love it.

    Thank You Mistress – I love, adore and am helplessly devoted to You.

  3. Hugh (verified owner)

    Surrendering your mind to Mistress Carol in a live hypnosis session is an amazing experience. Surrendering your mind to Mistress Carol twice on the same day is an unbelievably good out-of-body experience!

    I have never been so deeply hypnotized, and felt like Mistress Carol totally owned and controlled my mind throughout. In the first live session, Mistress Carol took me into a deep trance … a very deep trance. All I could sense was my immobilized state, with her voice leading me deeper and deeper into trance, with no sense of time, until she counted me up and back into (semi-)consciousness. I was left with instructions to listen to one of her recent recordings, Taken into Deeper Submission, which quickly dropped me back into her hypnotic control.

    Then came the second live session … I suspect Mistress Carol dropped me into trance with some well-chosen triggers and finger-snaps, but I have no clear memories, just the feeling of being deep in trance and having my mind dominated, controlled, and manipulated by Mistress Carol. To say that it felt good to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol would be a complete understatement … surrendering my mind and submitting to Mistress Carol is a truly special experience! Thank you!

  4. Rob (verified owner)

    If you think you are submissive to Mistress Carol, if you think you helplessly obey her, if you think you have feelings of love and adoration for her, if you think she controls your mind, try one of these 1 hour live sessions. Or better yet, try three in six days. You will not think these things, you will FEEL them. Viscerally. You will have goose bumps, you nipples will be hard, you will be twitching and writhing from her words even though your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds.

    You won’t believe how you feel after the third session! And you will obey her. Oh, will you ever.

  5. Eric (verified owner)

    I just finished my second session with Mistress Carol, and I am downright speechless in the absolute best of ways.

    Mistress Carol is extremely respectful and easy to work with. I provided some ideas and interests I had with my continued hypnotic journey and she crafted two perfect, intertwined, and powerful sessions that blew me and my mind away.

    The first session gave me an introduction to working directly with Mistress Carol. If you think you can go deeply with one of her recordings, you should see how quickly and deeply you fall when she speaks to you live! It was a deep, powerful trance, and as we discussed, she had me forget the entire trance until she decided to allow me to remember it…which wouldn’t happen until trance number two. With that said, it wasn’t without its suggestions. I had mentioned to Mistress Carol that I had an interest in wearing something submissive and tight while trancing with her in the future, and she encouraged me to do so in preparation for our time together in the future

    Fast forward to the second trance, which dropped me the furthest I’ve EVER fallen. Wearing my new bodysuit, she dropped me faster, fractionated me over and over again, and finally found myself deepening my trance and arousal just by self-triggering myself (the thought of it now almost makes me feel like I’m dropping again).

    This was, without a doubt, the most powerful hypnotic experience of my life, and I am already looking forward to finding another time to go under for the one and only Mistress I adore, Mistress Carol.

  6. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    It was an absolute pleasure to have another Skype session with Mistress Carol.

    Watching the moments counting down to the start of the session can be a little nerve wracking. The anticipation. The excitement. The unknown. Then when it starts and Mistress says, “Hello,” I know I am in safe hands and all my tension melts away immediately.

    I do actually find it arousing knowing that Mistress is there watching me as She slowly turns me into a drooling mess right in front of Her. The idea of not knowing what She is going to do to me, although perhaps a bit unsettling, is also really hot.

    I felt myself dropping the second Mistress changed the tone of Her voice. I vaguely remember Mistress challenging me to resist Her hypnotic powers. I tried as hard as I could, but what happened was that I actually went deeper as my will proved no match whatsoever for Hers. I have a tiny recollection of chanting some mantras, but I have no idea what they were. All I know is that each second only made me feel weaker and fall deeper…

    The next thing I remember is becoming aware of not being aware of anything at all. I was experiencing something I had never experienced in trance before. Mistress Carol had taken me to a new dimension of hypnosis. Her voice had long ago left my ears, but my mind was still fully under Her complete control. I was in a trance so deep it was far beyond anything I had previously experienced. I don’t really know how to describe it properly because I have no frame of reference. It’s like I had been pulled through a series of wormholes.

    Slowly I became aware of sitting in my chair, completely unable to move or form a thought of any kind. I have no idea how long I sat there, but it seemed like an eternity.

    Eventually a tiny thought flickered in my mind. “What if I can’t get out of this trance?” And then, “Do I even want to leave this place?”

    More time passed and I thought I would try and move, but all I could feel was a tingling in my finger. I felt completely numb. My body would not move. Every time I tried; I fell back down into trance. This was mindless euphoria of the kind I did not think was possible.

    One of the many benefits of a live session with Mistress Carol is the increase in effectiveness of Her studio recordings. By that I mean that I find there is a significant and very noticeable improvement in my trancing abilities with Her studio sessions. I drop into trance easier, faster and fall much, much deeper.

    Mistress Carol gave me what I really needed, namely the deepest mindfuck of my life. The only way to describe the feeling I was left with is unadulterated bliss. Now, where do I go from here…?

  7. Severin (verified owner)

    To spend an evening enjoying a live hypnosis session with Mistress Carol is a pleasure beyond earthly delights.

    Every live erotic hypnosis session with Mistress Carol that i’ve ever had feels different because She has the skill and ability to sculpt and shape a session that is perfect for You. Mistress Carol crafts and executes an individualized induction but She also has the experience and the knowledge of how to mould Your personal session as it unfolds. For example, i casually mentioned how much i enjoyed trying to resist hypnosis at the start of my session. Next thing i know? Mistress Carol is coaxing me to resist while expertly taking me down into hypnosis.

    I ALWAYS seem to fall deeper than i’ve ever been into hypnosis when i indulge in an online hypnosis session with Mistress Carol. Maybe it’s because the trance is adapted specifically for me or maybe it’s because Mistress Carol can shape the trance according to my reactions? The only thing i really know for sure when i come round from a live Skype hypnosis session with Mistress Carol is that i’ve been taken deeper and further into blissful and euphoric trance than ever before.

    Mistress Carol always delivers on Her promises and ALWAYS gives me the deep and pleasurable hypnotic mindfuck that i crave. You have to experience this opportunity for yourself to feel just how intensely pleasurable it feels to give in to Mistress Carol in a live hypnosis session.
    Do NOT miss out on this unrivalled hypno-kink opportunity! Book a session with Mistress Carol now.

  8. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    I am totally addicted to Mistress’ live sessions. I just can’t get enough of what She does to me. She takes me to deep, deep places of euphoric, sensual trance and holds me in Her loving embrace. No matter what She does, I feel how much She cares about my experience and enjoys playing with me. When I am under Her control I just LOVE doing whatever it is She wants from me. There are times She’s generous and kind, and times She leaves me writhing deliciously with hunger for Her, desire and lust, BUT I always feel safe and cared for. I am totally Hers, to do Her bidding – whatever that may be.

    I adore my Mistress and could not imagine my world without Her. God Mistress – I can’t wait for the next time You weave Your magic on me.

  9. Zombified_Pet (verified owner)

    I feel the urge to write in order to praise Mistress Carol because I had an amazing Skype Session with Her. At least I think I did. Honestly, the more I think about it, the harder it is to recall anything of what happened…

    I was pretty nervous waiting for the session to start. I told myself just to breathe and that it would start soon enough. As the session began, I thought to myself, “Wow, I’m having a live one to one conversation with Mistress Carol!”

    I needn’t have worried because She put me at ease immediately. A bit of humor eased my tension and washed any worries away. After a couple of minutes Mistress lowered Her tone and my eyes began to feel heavy and close. For the next hour She would control all that I saw and heard. My adventure continued with a slow and gradual decent into mindlessness. Mistress proceeded to relax each part of my body. One by one they all turned off and eventually I felt so heavy and numb. It was as if my body had simply vanished from existence. I found it so easy to focus only on the wonderful voice of my Mistress. Nothing else mattered. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing else in the world other than Mistress Carol’s voice in my increasingly helpless mind. Nothing was distracting me. I felt myself plunging ever deeper into the abyss.

    Then came the part of the session where it really is very difficult to recall much at all. Just the way I like it. Mistress must have turned the amnesia dial up to eleven. I have a vague vision of being pulled into Mistress Carol’s hypnotic world where something must have happened. I don’t really know what, but judging by the way I felt after the trance had ended it must have been something truly incredible indeed. Had She implanted any new triggers? May be. I sure hope so.

    Mistress left me in a haze unable to comprehend the magnitude of what had just happened. For quite a while I just sat there, my chest rising and falling. The conscious world seemed too far away even to bother contemplating. Not that I had any energy so to do. Eventually my eyes opened. I couldn’t move my body even if I tried and that was still a long way off.

    Mistress has the ability to shape my vision into anything Her imagination can conceive. I have never gone deeper into hypnosis. Pure unadulterated bliss is the only way to describe the feeling of being left totally blank and empty by my hypno-Goddess.

    I wonder what Mistress Carol will do to me next time…

  10. Bob the boob boy (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s live sessions are something else. Of course, her recordings are first class and a guaranteed amazing trance, but somehow nothing beats a live session. She always comes up with amazing ideas and concepts to thrill and bemuse you as she takes your mind for a ride. I recently treated myself to a 3 session power course and my god, I’m still picking myself up almost a week later.

    If you’ve ever wondered or fantasised about having your mind swept away by a powerful, beautiful, dominant hypnotist you owe it to yourself to book a session with Mistress Carol and live your fantasy. Careful though…you may find you get everything you wished for!

  11. Severin (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s online hypnosis sessions are simply beyond words.

    Mistress Carol will take you beyond deep and to the furthest reaches of your mind.

    Mistress Carol will take you to depths of trance and open up possibilities, fantasies and desires you didn’t know you needed.

    I speak from experience of being hypnotized deeper and deeper than i ever dreamed possible. I am hypnotized within seconds of Mistress Carol speaking to me. Before i know what is happening Mistress Carol has skillfully taken away my consciousness and i find myself sinking and slumping into the deepest hypnotic trance of my life. Time after time when i have the pleasure of a live trance session with Mistress Carol i am taken beyond my wildest dreams and expectations and turned into her helpless, mindless, devoted obedient hypno-slut. It is beyond words how pleasurable this feels. Mistress Carol will take you to places you only dreamed about.

    If you truly want to experience erotic hypnosis to its full extent and know how it feels to have your mind controlled by a powerful dominatrix then you need to book a live hypnosis session with Mistress Carol.

    Thank You, Mistress Carol – you make my dreams come true.

  12. Severin

    Greetings Mistress Carol!

    I wanted to send You a massive THANK YOU for the trance session last night. It was jaw droppingly amazing and i simply don’t have words to describe how blissful and pleasurable it felt to fall so deeply into hypnosis for You.

    I’ve never ever been deeper in my entire life. I was literally out like a light seconds into You talking and stayed deep in hypnosis throughout. I have no idea or recollection of what happened which is exactly what i’ve always dreamed of. I don’t even know if you dropped me with a trigger or did an actual induction. I’m getting aroused and trancing out just thinking about how deep i went for You.

    It’s certainly several stages deeper than anything that can be achieved with an MP3 session. As much as i LOVE Your hypnosis files, nothing in the universe compares for a live session with You. I’m so grateful i’ve found You to fulfil my deepest and darkest hypnotic fantasies – You make dreams come true.

    I feel i ought to apologise for being a bit late in getting this message to You. Obviously i was a liiiiitle bit spaced out when i came round last night but i would normally have sent a message earlier except i’ve been having a highly productive day for the first time in months and wanted to make the most of it. I’ve a feeling that i owe You an extra thanks for this. 🙂

    The best thing about it is that it doesn’t feel forced or manic (i’ve allowed myself a couple of breaks and ate well at lunchtime) it just feels steady and productive. Thank You xxx

    Getting back to the trance session last night – it took me a good couple of minutes to gather my thoughts and realise what had happened. i was so far gone it was as if i slipped out of being altogether or became a different person for the duration. Although i had a vague awareness of feeling wonderful and warm and fuzzy my sense of time slipped right away. i was convinced that only a few minutes had passed when i came round and yes, i did check my clock to make sure an hour had passed because i simply couldn’t believe it. Obviously, it was a bit more than an hour which You probably know so thank You again for that.

    It sounds cliched to type this but it really was a case of feeling myself dropping down at a gravitational rate and then feeling myself brought straight back out of trance. That truly is how my conscious mind understands it. It’s like only having the opening and closing paragraphs of a long novel. There are some feelings sandwiched in the middle where i feel warm and fuzzy and blissful and aroused and i remember the sensation of sinking and slumping but these are just the sensations inside my body. I can’t remember a f*cking word that was said in trance – Thank You Mistress Carol.

    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You

    It was truly one of the most blissful and pleasurable experiences of my life. Naturally, I can’t wait for the session next week.

    Your obedient and submissive devoted slave

  13. Driftingdeeper123 (verified owner)

    I have just had my first live experience with Mistress Carol and I’ve never experienced anything like it before in my life.

    I was taken down deeper and longer than I’ve ever been and it felt like I had left my own body.

    If you have the chance to do so, I cannot recommend enough having a live session with her. She puts you at ease and the time literally flies by.

    Don’t delay, book a live session today

  14. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    I cannot rate this amazing Owner of my mind and body too highly. Mistress does the most unbelievably awesome things to my mind and body. And – even without release – I find our sessions unbelievably enriching and fulfilling. I can honestly say I have never felt so sexually and emotionally fulfilled in my entire life!

    Mistress is quite simply in a league of her own. If You have never benefitted from a personal one:2:one session with Mistress Carol, book Her now! You will never go back. I love, honour, obey, lust after and literally NEED Her in my life. Thank You MIstress 🙂 xxxxx. I can’t wait for our next session.

  15. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is AWESOME! If I could do this with Her every night I would. I look forward to Her gentle inductions where I slip into a state that is completely under Her control. Then there is the slow but insistent development of arousal and She knows just how to make it build until it is deliciously intolerable.

    With Her, release is ALWAYS just so much more incredible than I have ever experienced with a partner. The BIG “added bonus” is just how amazingly radiant and incredibly “glowing” I feel after She is done with me. I adore, obey and lust after Mistress.

  16. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Even after several years of being in contact with Mistress Carol, I still get nervous at the beginning of a Skype online session with Her. Once I hear Her voice in my headphones, my mind and body almost immediately start to relax and calms down then…. and the hypnotic pleasure fills up in me yet again.

    I think the nervousness is partly due to the build up in my mind of the anticipation of what She will do with me during the session. I love the somewhat unpredictable part of the Skype sessions and leave it up to Her as to how to go with the sessions at this point. She knows me really well by now. She could hit me with a trigger command at any time during the session and I love it.

    I trust Mistress Carol very much so I know that I really should not be nervous at all. When I close my eyes, and focus on Her voice, the pleasure of being submissive and obedient for my Mistress shows up again in me …and then She is in control.

    It is truly an honor, a blessing, and privilege to spend some special time with Mistress Carol in Her hypnotic care and in real time. I feel so warm and comfortable and safe when I hear Her voice guiding me down deeper in to yet another wonderful trance session time. This is definitely the best ultimate way to experience a hypnosis session with Her. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience a Skype hypnosis session with Mistress Carol. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  17. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    I always struggle to find words to describe just how unbelievably amazing a live session with Mistress is.

    She is the High Priestess of seduction and control – unbelievably awesome when you are the object of Her attention! Every time I’m with Her the intensity of feeling and arousal just seems to get better than in previous sessions. Hard to believe but true.

    I feel that She has become an indispensable part of my well being – I thrive when I’ve been with Her and miss Her intensely between sessions. I am a Mistress Carol addict. The emotional high I experience during, and after sessions, is just indescribable. She also does things to me sexually that I have literally NEVER experienced – and I seriously doubt anyone could top – even in the flesh!

    Mistress Carol is in a league of Her own. I truly love, adore and worship Mistress Carol.

  18. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    I just can’t get enough of this sexy woman!

    Even without release Mistress “embraces” me in such a warm, erotic and amazing way. She then leaves me wanting Her even more – soft gentle waves of desire underpinned by a gentle, yet desperate urge for Her to do even more to me. I yearn for Her, I crave Her, I lust for Her and I desire Her control. She owns me and, on this occasion, dropped me a line after the session just to remind me who really is in control.

    I truly love and adore Mistress Carol. Do with me as You see fit 🙂 xx

  19. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol NEVER fails to please. Not only does She deliver during the session, there’s almost always an amazing after effect as well!

    In my last session I was wrapped inside Her warm, gentle and caring cocoon. My all was Hers to do with as She felt – strangely reassuring knowing She can do whatever She wants yet still caring for me. A VERY addictive feeling.

    When I woke to Her soft, gentle voice I was insanely drawn to Her even more. When She wakes me at the end of our sessions, I NEVER want to say goodbye…I just want more! I literally am totally obsessed with this woman and what She does to me. For some strange reason I now find myself incredibly aroused, with Her going around in my mind. Something tells me that only She can give me the release I’m looking for…?!

    Can’t wait for me next session Mistress – I belong to You, I love, adore and submit to You.

  20. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    My last session with Mistress Carol was absolutely the most amazing sexual experience I have EVER had in my entire life! God, Mistress took me to the most mind blowing sensual explosion of the senses! Clearly a 20 out of 5 experience! I am most definitely a totally addicted, submissive, subservient and adoring hyposlut. Without a shadow of a doubt I belong to Mistress. I LOVE and adore You Mistress. You own me!

  21. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    My last session was so amazing I felt compelled to leave yet another review so Mistress knows how good She has been to me.

    Another 10 out of 5 for this indescribably talented Mistress! Since I belong to Mistress, She does with me as She sees fit. She takes me to such a DEEP place that I can hear Her, but I’m deliciously wrapped in some sensual cocoon and feel totally owned and controlled by Her. I know that I will unconditionally do Her bidding but can’t seem to quite recall what She said. This “lost” distant trace is punctuated with incredibly intense arousal. I can’t explain how I get there or what She has done but there are periods when I feel I might explode with lust for Her.

    Then She awakens me and I find myself needing more. Not only does She own me, I am totally addicted and obsessed with Her. I LOVE you Mistress Carol. I can’t live without You and need more! Thank God Your audios can keep me going without You until our next session,

  22. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Mistress’ live sessions are just AMAZING. There is no surrender, or submission – I freely just GIVE myself to Her. When She speaks to me, She totally owns me.

    Whether or not there is release is becoming increasingly irrelevant. (Although when She grants it – it IS indescribably AWESOME!) She takes me to a place where I feel an exquisite combination of physical, mental and emotional desire, lust, yearning, belonging, subservience, submission and adoration. I bask in the pleasure of being “exposed” to Her and owned by Her. Being in Her presence and experiencing the delight of Her doing with me (and to me) whatever She wants is unbelievably SPECTACULAR. I’m always astounded at the effect She has on me.

    I truly ADORE Mistress Carol

  23. Hugh (verified owner)

    Surrendering my mind to Mistress Carol in an online Skype session is a unique and very special experience. There was the anticipation before the call, wondering what Mistress Carol had planned for me. The call started with a friendly introduction and a relaxing induction, followed by the comforting realization that I was quickly dropping into hypnosis.

    Then came what I call the paradox of hypnotic amnesia. Fragments of my memory seem to recall Mistress Carol’s seductive voice speaking to me in complete clarity, every word and phrase of her instruction carefully enunciated and emphasized to ensure my unconditional surrender and obedience to her. Yet now, as I try to recall her words and phrases, my mind becomes foggy and I’m unable to recall anything but the start of the session, and then waking up long after the call had ended.

    Having my mind taken over and programmed like that by Mistress Carol is incredibly arousing – I found myself lying in bed in a blissful mix of pleasure, submission, arousal, and inevitably, a strong desire to surrender my mind to Mistress Carol once again.

    It is not a cliché – it feels so good to be hypnotized by Mistress Carol, and an online Skype session is a very special way to experience her dominance and mastery of erotic hypnosis.

  24. Dwight (verified owner)

    If you thought your experience is fantastic listening to Mistress Carol’s audios, you should book a live session with her for there is nothing better to take your experience to the next level.

    Mistress Carol deeply hypnotizes me and puts me in an unbreakable trace where she continues to surprise and amaze me. She is the real deal and is world class with her Hypnosis skills. I love how playful yet devious she is and love handing over my mind and control to her. I truly trust her for she does have your best interest at heart. With each session I do, the better it gets as she trains me to be a better subject and it is true – as very deep as i have gone for her, i can always go deeper and open up myself to her.

    If you learn to let go, you will only experience even more amazing things through her voice and through her control. It only gets better and better with each sessions that you do.

  25. hotterman2 (verified owner)

    This latest trance was only my third but definitely the best. Mistress Carol is the Goddess of Trance. Her Live Trances will take you down deeper than any of her wonderful recorded trances. If you are a fan don’t give it a second thought. Schedule a session now!

    I have been a fan for many years. But having the chance to speak with Mistress one on one is very special. Don’t miss out on this opportunity it will be one you won’t regret.

  26. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    My last session with Mistress should have 10 stars! I have NEVER in my life been so aroused, out of control, lustful, submissive and entranced all at the same time!

    Mistress is so soft and gentle in the way She leads you deeper and deeper into trance, all the while making you more and more aroused and addicted to Her. In the depth my trance I see myself totally exposed to Her (physically and emotionally).

    She makes be bare my soul…and everything else to Her and I become uncontrollably aroused knowing that She has me exactly where She wants me, making me do Her bidding. Edging me, at times not satisfying me and leaving me wanting more of Her. Even when I am totally spent and the session ends I feel just want to reach out and get hold of Her and immediately do another session – whether or not She gives me release. Despite my most recent mind blowing encounter with Mistress I am starting to think I love what She does to me almost more than release.

    Someone else said this and I 1000% agree – I don’t believe there’s a man on the planet that could resist this enchanting Empress of Erotica and Goddess of Lust. God I love Her

  27. Hypno-P

    What can I say about an online session with Mistress Carol? I have had a couple of such sessions but this was my first in a while and without doubt hit me like a tidal wave.

    I’ve never experienced such powerful hypnosis. As a caveat my memories of the session are very limited due to the incredibly effective amnesia suggestion Mistress Carol provided – the soft barrier and arousal that comes every time I try to think about it means detail is impossible to come by – so I can only comment on the incredible post trance effects.

    For those doubters – and I myself have been – this is real hypnosis, not the “porn lite” that is available in many corners of the web. Mistress Carol is the real deal!

    First of all what a way to come out of trance. I couldn’t speak when Mistress Carol said goodbye and sat in blissful dumbfoundness for several minutes after she left. It was as if, with her voice was removed, my head was entirely empty, just a drone in standby. The induction image I had chosen (an option for those who find visual aides helpful) and was still spinning but my eye was drawn to my “Hypnoslave-P” name. And for a minute that was my identity and it was a lovely feeling.

    I won’t go into the detail of the post trance effects as they were unique to my requests – which Mistress Carol skillfully took from a somewhat rambling email and turned into an exquisite list of commands – I must assume as although I cannot remember them, I found myself responding to triggers on numerous occasions and with new behaviours which remained compelling long after the session. It’s such a turn on to realise that it’s not a choice to obey whatever command has been given – my body simply responds on its own bypassing the conscious mind entirely. What makes all this work is that the subject can absolutely trust Mistress Carol to respect your boundaries and only give you commands that are good for you – good for your waking life, and of course good for your second life as a mindless drone complying helplessly and happily with to her commands and whims.

    So I would strongly recommend an online session to any true hypnosis fetishist -this is the real deal, and you will never look back. I am due a hypnotic returning soon, and I cannot wait to be back in Mistress Carol’s chair.

  28. Ben (verified owner)

    I feel compelled to write this review due to a post hypnotic suggestion but even if I didn’t feel compelled to write a review I would anyways. All I can say is “WOW”! Since this was my second online session and Mistress had been generous and accommodating to my requests, I humbly asked her to take the kid gloves off and knock me on my ass hypnotically and leave me dazed and confused.

    WOW – Mistress Carol did not disappoint! I was taken VERY deep with a vortex below me and a post hypnotic trigger. It gets a bit fuzzy in terms of memory but I do remember her removing all doubts that I was under her control. This was very important to me as with a fast moving analytical mind I sometimes struggle to trance or doubt that it is real — ALL DOUBTS WERE REMOVED! There were mantras involved – not all of which I remember but I clearly remember saying “I adore Mistress Carol” because when I exited trance we talked for 5-10 minutes and at the beginning I could barely speak I was still woozy and dazed. But I do recall even after the trance repeating “I adore Mistress Carol” and I am fairly certain that wasn’t even a post hypnotic suggestion – it was simply the overwhelming feeling I had following such a deep break-through trance!

    Then the arousal dial that Mistress Carol had been tweaking throughout the trance started to kick in harder & I couldn’t resist touching myself and when the call ended I felt the flood of arousal from a post hypnotic suggestion & started to repeat a mantra that I barely can recall about “I obey Mistress Carol” or something similar while hungrily taking care of business which resulted in a mind-numbing orgasm.

    I have a LOT of Mistress Carol’s sessions & I enjoy them all in one way or another but if you haven’t tried a live Skype session tailored to your needs – with Mistress Carol speaking your name & directly to you – then you really don’t know what you are missing! And I can say that it gets better as you have more sessions as the connection & the understanding of your needs just deepens and grows. Thank you Mistress Carol!

  29. Hugh (verified owner)

    ‘Wrapped in a Cocoon of Mindlessness’ is how I felt as I slowly came of of trance after an online Skype session with Mistress Carol. After a brief introduction and confirming that I could remain in a trance at the end of the session, Mistress Carol instructed me to relax and close my eyes, and her familiar seductive voice immediately started to take me into her magical world. At some point there was the brief realisation that I was now hypnotized, and had surrendered complete control of my mind to Mistress Carol as she took me deeper and deeper into trance. I have no memory of the rest of the session, only feelings of bliss, and knowing that Mistress Carol has programmed me to be a more submissive and obedient slave. It was nearly an hour after the session ended that I slowly came out of trance, wrapped in a cocoon of mindlessness, with no memory of the session. As I woke, I realized how aroused I was, excited at the thought of surrendering completely to such a talented and skilled hypnotist.

  30. Devoted Slave

    Every session with Her just gets better and better. Individually, each session leaves you in a state of sexual ecstasy – often without you clearly remembering what She has done to you. BUT this sensual Seductress is clearly an expert at what She does. It feels as if foundations have been laid in previous sessions to raise you to even greater heights of ecstasy! In my most recent session I was gently lured into an arousing, deep blissful trance – only vaguely aware of what was being said. Then suddenly I was THERE, present and writhing in absolute ecstasy, totally owned and controlled by My Mistress, desperate for release but so happy simply being under Her control. Ecstatic that She had brought me here. Happy even should She decide to withhold pleasure for me. Fortunately She was benevolent enough to grant me a lengthy lasting exquisite release and then softly led me back into a deep sleep – waking hours later feeling absolutely wonderful and wanting to be with her again.

  31. Devoted Slave

    Mistress Carol never fails to please. If you love her audio tracks, you have to upgrade to the luxury of knowing she’s talking just to you, and that you have all her attention focused on you! An incredible feeling that is then further enriched by Mistress doing what she does best…Taking you somewhere into a blissful haze of arousal and then doing with you whatever she pleases – and you’ll love every minute of it. Like a true addict, I leave every session wondering where she’ll take me next time – hoping I’ll be progressing further down the route of being her obedient, submissive hypnotic slave. I’m always completely satisfied with simply her attention, time and the way she leaves me feeling. She’s absolutely incredible. An experience of a lifetime. Try it – you’ll never go back!

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