60 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

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Live hypnosis with Mistress Carol?  Bliss.

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Enjoy a live hypnosis experience with Mistress Carol.  There is absolutely nothing like it.

“Listening to her amazing hypnosis files has prepared you for the grail: a Skype session with Mistress Carol! This is an experience second to none.”

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60 Minute Online Hypnosis Session
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4 reviews for 60 Minute Online Hypnosis Session with Mistress Carol

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    I feel compelled to write this review due to a post hypnotic suggestion but even if I didn’t feel compelled to write a review I would anyways. All I can say is “WOW”! Since this was my second online session and Mistress had been generous and accommodating to my requests, I humbly asked her to take the kid gloves off and knock me on my ass hypnotically and leave me dazed and confused.

    WOW – Mistress Carol did not disappoint! I was taken VERY deep with a vortex below me and a post hypnotic trigger. It gets a bit fuzzy in terms of memory but I do remember her removing all doubts that I was under her control. This was very important to me as with a fast moving analytical mind I sometimes struggle to trance or doubt that it is real — ALL DOUBTS WERE REMOVED! There were mantras involved – not all of which I remember but I clearly remember saying “I adore Mistress Carol” because when I exited trance we talked for 5-10 minutes and at the beginning I could barely speak I was still woozy and dazed. But I do recall even after the trance repeating “I adore Mistress Carol” and I am fairly certain that wasn’t even a post hypnotic suggestion – it was simply the overwhelming feeling I had following such a deep break-through trance!

    Then the arousal dial that Mistress Carol had been tweaking throughout the trance started to kick in harder & I couldn’t resist touching myself and when the call ended I felt the flood of arousal from a post hypnotic suggestion & started to repeat a mantra that I barely can recall about “I obey Mistress Carol” or something similar while hungrily taking care of business which resulted in a mind-numbing orgasm.

    I have a LOT of Mistress Carol’s sessions & I enjoy them all in one way or another but if you haven’t tried a live Skype session tailored to your needs – with Mistress Carol speaking your name & directly to you – then you really don’t know what you are missing! And I can say that it gets better as you have more sessions as the connection & the understanding of your needs just deepens and grows. Thank you Mistress Carol!

  2. Hugh (verified owner)

    ‘Wrapped in a Cocoon of Mindlessness’ is how I felt as I slowly came of of trance after an online Skype session with Mistress Carol. After a brief introduction and confirming that I could remain in a trance at the end of the session, Mistress Carol instructed me to relax and close my eyes, and her familiar seductive voice immediately started to take me into her magical world. At some point there was the brief realisation that I was now hypnotized, and had surrendered complete control of my mind to Mistress Carol as she took me deeper and deeper into trance. I have no memory of the rest of the session, only feelings of bliss, and knowing that Mistress Carol has programmed me to be a more submissive and obedient slave. It was nearly an hour after the session ended that I slowly came out of trance, wrapped in a cocoon of mindlessness, with no memory of the session. As I woke, I realized how aroused I was, excited at the thought of surrendering completely to such a talented and skilled hypnotist.

  3. Devoted Slave

    Every session with Her just gets better and better. Individually, each session leaves you in a state of sexual ecstasy – often without you clearly remembering what She has done to you. BUT this sensual Seductress is clearly an expert at what She does. It feels as if foundations have been laid in previous sessions to raise you to even greater heights of ecstasy! In my most recent session I was gently lured into an arousing, deep blissful trance – only vaguely aware of what was being said. Then suddenly I was THERE, present and writhing in absolute ecstasy, totally owned and controlled by My Mistress, desperate for release but so happy simply being under Her control. Ecstatic that She had brought me here. Happy even should She decide to withhold pleasure for me. Fortunately She was benevolent enough to grant me a lengthy lasting exquisite release and then softly led me back into a deep sleep – waking hours later feeling absolutely wonderful and wanting to be with her again.

  4. Devoted Slave

    Mistress Carol never fails to please. If you love her audio tracks, you have to upgrade to the luxury of knowing she’s talking just to you, and that you have all her attention focused on you! An incredible feeling that is then further enriched by Mistress doing what she does best…Taking you somewhere into a blissful haze of arousal and then doing with you whatever she pleases – and you’ll love every minute of it. Like a true addict, I leave every session wondering where she’ll take me next time – hoping I’ll be progressing further down the route of being her obedient, submissive hypnotic slave. I’m always completely satisfied with simply her attention, time and the way she leaves me feeling. She’s absolutely incredible. An experience of a lifetime. Try it – you’ll never go back!

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