Nasty in 3D

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Hypnotized to reach all your nastiest thoughts.

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You are such a nasty boy.  In deep hypnosis, Mistress Carol wanders through the neural pathways of your mind finding so many nasty thoughts that live there, thoughts or remnants of things you’ve seen thinking no one would ever knew and they would never be discovered, but Mistress Carol finds them deep inside your mind, exploiting them as she makes you masturbate revisiting them.  This session was recorded with a 3D microphone.  You will feel as if Mistress Carol is in the room with you with this sexual arousal session.  This is a intense session and not for sensitive listeners.

Originally $34.95.  Now reduced.

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This session features:
  • Deep relaxing induction
  • Sleep (snap) trigger
  • Pornography references
  • Cock fantasy/Shemale fantasy
  • Panties/feminization fantasy
  • Dominatrix/strap-on fantasy
  • Gang bang fantasy
  • Light humiliation
  • Graphic language and descriptions
  • Use of profanity
  • JOI
  • Background vocals and music
  • Recording studio production quality 
  • Recorded with a 3D microphone 
  • Session length is 37:31

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3 reviews for Nasty in 3D

  1. Martin (verified owner)

    Highly erotic and sexy session. I was totally surrendered and deep. Stroking myself on Mistress Carol’s commands and a incredible orgasm.

    Loved it 10/10

  2. guyinatrance

    Super sexy intense erotic hypnosis fantasy! Mistress Carol relaxes you, makes you receptive & open to Her hypnotic suggestions! Let Mistress Carol caress your mind! Surrender and succumb & go deep, close to sleep. Her call is irresistible, you find yourself opening wider so Mistress Carol can take you deeper. She can replay your fantasies, turning you on! She orders you to masturbate & you gladly comply! Intense erect & ejaculated fun! Stroke yourself until you happily cum, surrender & succumb to Mistress Carol’s control

  3. Slave Michael

    I feel like this session was created just for me. Mistress Carol will fill your mind with highly erotic thoughts and images as she guides you to an incredible orgasm. I’ve been reprogrammed to want what Mistress wants.

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