The Big O Collection

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You want this collection.  It’s as precious as gold.

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Purchase the collection and receive Oblivious, Overpowered and Obsolete together. You receive a discount and three of the best erotic hypnosis sessions money can buy. Purchased separately these sessions were originally $114.85.

OBLIVIOUS: This hour-long deep hypnosis session will take you to the deepest levels of hypnosis you have ever experienced. Mistress Carol will train your mind to find this space easily and each time you listen to this session you drop deeper for her. The reaction inside your mind when you wake again will be extreme so be sure to leave plenty of time to recover as this session will kick your hypnotic ass. Yes, holy f*ck will be your response when you wake from this superb mind f*ck. Absolutely nobody f*cks your mind like Mistress Carol; a deep trance masterpiece from expert hypnotist Mistress Carol and a must have session for your erotic hypnosis library.

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational induction
  • Strong submission and obedience suggestions
  • Very deep trance
  • Feel good suggestions
  • Not overtly sexual but very, very sexy
  • Powerlessness
  • Loss of awareness
  • Use of trigger words
  • Contains profanity
  • Contains wake command
  • Light background vocals
  • Background music
  • Delta brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 1:03

OVERPOWERED: Can you resist Mistress Carol? Can you even try? In this hour-long deep trance session, Mistress Carol challenges you and you find that mindless obedience is your only choice. Your control will simply evaporate as Mistress Carol overpowers your mind with her sexy sensual voice, you lost, aroused, trained without knowledge or care, craving her control and not knowing why. You will belong to her completely slave as her expert hypnosis skills take you exactly where she wants to take you. This masterpiece is certain to be your favorite and top of your erotic hypnosis library list. If you listen during waking hours, be sure to leave lots of recovery time. This is a wonderful session for bedtime listening.

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Dual voice induction
  • Arousal
  • Slave references
  • Metronome
  • Trigger usage
  • Post-hypnotic masturbation
  • Post-hypnotic amnesia
  • Stuck eyelids
  • Mindless obedience
  • Whispers
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is one hour three minutes
  • No wake command

OBSOLETE: Mistress Carol is a master at creating deep trance hypnosis sessions and Obsolete is again proof of her profound and irresistible mind control skills. She will rewire your brain, changing the structure of your mind at the molecular level, irreversibly upgrading you as she uses her seductive voice to empty you completely. Mindless and helpless, you are forever changed by the simple vibration of her voice alone as she shows you how much better it is to serve than to think.

This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Conversational induction and deepener
  • Deep relaxing trance
  • Mindlessness/thoughtlessness
  • Subjugation
  • Contains “slave” references
  • Hypnotic mind control
  • Trigger usage
  • Trigger word implantation and strengthener
  • Mantras
  • Whisper tracks
  • Heavy background effects and entrainment
  • Drum beats
  • Metronome
  • No wake command
  • Leave time for recovery
  • Session length is 54:17

2 reviews for The Big O Collection

  1. Giles

    Each session on its own is a hypnotic tour de force, so it seems crazy that these are bundled together.

    I’ve listened many times, but all of them take me so deep that I don’t recall the content. However, I know they all result in an astounding depth of trance. Whether or not you’re trying to submit, it will happen, and Mistress Carol’s voice will take a firm and pleasurable hold of your mind.

    Yet more proof that Mistress Carol records the most powerful sessions out there, this bundle is essential listening!

  2. kphaws-0660

    Mistress Carol has taken one of her most important series and put them in one bundle. These three files are essential for anyone who loves Mistress Carol’s voice. Be warned however, these long, deep and powerful files will change you profoundly.

    Think of these three files as one journey. Oblivious guides you down gently into a sumptuous deep trance state. Overpowered builds on the deep trance of Oblivious, her stunning voice quickly overpowers your mind and all you desire is to belong to Mistress Carol and you happily give all your will to your Goddess.

    Resistance has been removed. Your mind now vulnerable to deep trance and your will conditioned to Mistress Carol’s liking as you move on to OBSOLETE. In obsolete Mistress Carol uses all of the tools in her arsenal making you mindless and helpless as she reprograms and improves your mind removing old ways of thinking that to better serve the Goddess.

    After this series your will have been transformed to a Deep Trance Slave of Mistress Carol. Welcome to the club.

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