Aching and Aroused: Arousal Hypnosis Audio

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Paralyzed, entranced, and oh so aroused…

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Blissful, aching and aroused.  That is how you will feel after listening to Mistress Carol’s Aching and Aroused: Arousal Hypnosis Audio.

arousal hypnosis recording

Blissful arousal.  Deep helpless trance.  The perfect combination of the feelings and emotions you will experience under the control of Mistress Carol’s sexy sensual voice.

You will go down for her.  You will be taken into deep suggestive sleep, deliciously controlled, spellbound, and obedient.  Her voice is inside your head now.  Breathe deep and let her voice fill you with the most unbridled pleasure.

Mistress Carol always gets what she wants.  You know you can’t resist.  You trust her implicitly and you love how she makes you feel.  You are abundantly aware that your own surrender under her hypnotic control arouses you immensely.

You don’t want to resist.  You want to be blank and mindless.

She will will paralyze your body, driving your arousal higher and higher.  Your arousal expanding beyond your physical limits as her seductive voice sinks you deeper and deeper.

She will direct your dreams.  She will program your mind.  You will fall beyond the bottom.  Into the aching arousal you will never be able to verbalize.

Her divine control makes you grow, makes you throb, longing to touch but obedient to her wishes.  You are immobile.  You cannot touch.  In this arousal hypnosis audio, you only obey.

The cavernous void swallows you and as you fall, the arousal builds even more.  Her voice magnifies the pleasure into unconditional arousal.  Her words make it so.

So deep, you cannot think, you cannot move.  You can only feel the arousal build.

Enter the void of blackness and infinite pleasure…


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Trigger usage: sleep, bottomless, comatose, submit, sink
  • Seduction
  • Arousal/pleasure
  • Deep trance
  • D/s
  • Whispers
  • Paralysis
  • No coming
  • Finger snaps
  • Contains slave references
  • No wake command
  • Background vocals
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 43:40

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Aching and Aroused
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4 reviews for Aching and Aroused: Arousal Hypnosis Audio

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Mistress ALWAYS gets a ten out of five from me! I don’t believe there is a sexier woman alive.

    As with Her many other sessions, I start listening to Her gorgeously seductive voice and very quickly become transfixed. I drop deep into a warm sensual place where I am Hers, I belong to Her and know that I will do Her bidding. After a while I can hear Her voice, understand what She’s saying to me but feel enveloped by Her voice and revel in the absolute bliss of being in Her presence. I know She turns me on, I can feel myself getting more and more aroused but when the session is over there’s actually very little of what She’s said that remains with me. However I am always left with the most unbelievable euphoric bliss – and in this case a throbbing erection.

    She ALWAYS seems to be able to make me drip when I’m under Her control. A more recent emotion that I’m left with now is the feeling of intense pride with what I have become for Her. I am totally obsessed with Her work and what She does to me. I LOVE Mistress Carol

  2. Martin (verified owner)

    This Session Aching and aroused is an absolute masterpiece. It makes me feel so aroused and in a deep trance everytime I listen to it.

    I absolutely love it. I’m always kept in a deep trance enjoying the feeling even after its finished Amazing!

    Thank you Mistress Carol

  3. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    Arousal guided by Mistress Carol is always extremely pleasurable! Her seductive voice easily counted me down into a deep trance and led me on an enticing journey to intense arousal. By the end, I was aching with pleasure and wished it could continue further.

  4. Severin (verified owner)

    This is such a delectable hypnosis session that I feel the need to give it as much hype as I can muster – it’s fully deserved as Mistress Carol has created yet another hypnotic masterpiece.

    This isn’t one of the ‘darker’ hypno sessions but it’s deceptively deep – Mistress Carol has me deeply entranced and hypnotized before I realise what is happening. I’m left with lots of happy, blissful and submissive feelings when i come round from hypnosis but very few actual memories.

    I suspect there must be a lot of triggering in the induction stage because i’m gone before i realise it but there is a countdown, that much I know. Whatever other techniques and skills Mistress Carol employs, it all works exceptionally well and you won’t have a chance of resisting.

    One of the distinct feelings i have when i eventually come back to a state of dazed consciousness is a sense of detachment from myself – as though there is now a hypnotized version of myself who is happily and deeply enslaved to Mistress Carol. I’m also left with a kind of stunned sensation of just how pleasurable it feels to have Mistress Carol take control of my mind, body and soul. It’s truly decadent. I’ve never felt anything like it before – it’s beyond my descriptive prowess to find the words to describe how delicious and beautiful it is to experience this firsthand. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

    Inside of trance there is a blind obedience inside the unconscious darkness of my mind. I don’t know what happens here in the blackness of hypnotic sleep but i experience the blissful feelings that surge and pulse from the depth of trance: I willingly submit to Mistress Carol’s control. I understand that i must obey Mistress Carol. i know i will obey.

    And it feels indescribably good.

    Outside of trance, when i finally emerge from deep hypnosis, I am filled with lingering pleasure and a deep and persistent desire to obey and to serve Mistress Carol. My desire to be a better hypno-slave is getting stronger and stronger and my resistence melted away a long time ago. It’s as if Mistress Carol’s control was always there.

    I have complete faith and trust in Mistress Carol: When Mistress Carol promises to hypnotize you, She delivers!
    You are putting yourself into the competent and skilled hands of a truly skilled hypnotist and Dominatrix when you listen to this file.

    And, Yes. I ache and drip with horny, wet, dripping hard arousal. Every. Single. Time.

    There is no cumming or touching in this file but in place of that Mistress Carol gives you something unknowably sweeter and delicious: The chance to experience true hypnotic obedience and the blissful higher pleasure that comes with this.

    All I want is for more and more and more.

    I don’t know why exactly but i’ve found it even more delightful to allow this hypno file to follow onto “Taken into Darkness”, “Snapped into Submission” and “The Five Faces of Surrender”.

    Thank You Mistress Carol!

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