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Goodbye to My Mind – Hypnotic Bliss Story

Goodbye to My Mind (Hypnotic Bliss Story) – by Severin Severin

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Mistress Carol’s words are there in front of me, on the screen. I stare and focus at them, almost drinking them in. It’s intoxicating even just to read the word ‘hypnosis’ but this is a million levels and more beyond that.

“Do I want to be hypnotized?” I ask myself, feeling that nervous rush of excitement as the idea of giving in swells and hardens inside my head. Of course I do. I’ve wanted to be hypnotized since before I can remember.

I’ve watched the same things we all watch – the animes, the sci-fi movies, the vampire teen flicks, the horror movies.  And I did it all for a glimpse of that magical hypnotic energy – I sat through countless bad films and all for a few seconds of a dangling pocket watch or a beguiling hypnotic women with green eyes. And of course, let’s not forget the Jungle Book. How could we ever forget that?

But as I sit here now, somehow entranced just by reading Mistress Carol’s words, I know it’s so much more than a few stolen seconds here or there. Mistress Carol is the real deal.

I click on the sessions descriptions, listen to the samples and can barely draw breath at the scale and skill of Mistress Carol’s repertoire. She seems to know more than anybody else.  She has a catalogue of hypnotic masterpieces that is simply awe-inspiring in its breadth and depth. This isn’t a few scenes put together and squished into a YouTube playlist – Mistress Carol is a certified hypnotherapist and an expert at putting people into hypnosis. She can turn her hand to anything in the world of erotic hypnosis.

If you think about and fantasize about it, the chances are Mistress Carol already has a hypnosis session that explores it. Orgasm control, tease and denial, breast worship, chastity and the oh-so-sweet and delicious deep trance hypnosis and mind control. It’s HERE and NOW. Mistress Carol offers it all.

I gulp and swallow hard as I continue to read the session descriptions. I imagine that I’m beginning to feel a little bit hypnotized simply by the words on the screen. I want to wave goodbye to my consciousness and have Mistress Carol take me with sublime skill into deep hypnosis. I’m ready to do it.

It’s what I’ve always wanted.

I try and think it over as my cock hardens with the thought of being hypnotized spinning in my head. It seems that my arousal is already invested in the hypnosis. It would be so wonderful and pleasurable to find myself listening and obeying, mindlessly serving Mistress Carol as her hypnotized slave. I’m begging and helpless to resist as her words intensify inside my obedient mind and I faintly realize what has happened before my mind disappears once more in wave after wave of hypnotic bliss and euphoria.

I awake from hypnosis, dazed and aroused. Blissfully and happily in a state of deep hypnotic pleasure.

Mistress Carol controls my mind. I obey Mistress Carol.

Thank you Mistress Carol.


We hope you enjoyed this Hypnotic Bliss Story submitted by fan

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