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A Female Domination Story – Orientation Day

Orientation Day by User1637

Through the small cracks in the vehicle door, I could hear some someone shouting. “Pirouette! Renvars!”.  I saw a horse coral of some sort, with …strange looking horses. Where was I? Why was I restrained? Peering further into tiny holes in the door, I could make out a tall woman in a bright white blouse, blonde short hair, and glasses as the one giving delivering the commands. Women seemed to be chatting and giggling from somewhere close by. “Very good, that will be enough instruction for one day. We have a big day tomorrow. We have a very important delivery for the Headmistress. Ladies, please take the ponies back the stables.”  Where was I? I could barely make out a sign “…e Academy”.  I continued to struggle with my restraints until passing out after sundown.

Laughter, the smell of leather, and perfume. My eyes opened to meet the sun’s morning rays. I was laying down in a barn or stable pen of some kind. Sitting up I could see my restraints unfettered. Glancing forward I saw three beautiful, leather clad women on the side of the pen gate talking about and starring at …us. Looking around the pen I realized I wasn’t alone. There were other men in the stable pen with me. We looked at each other puzzled.

“Good Morning!”, said the woman in white from the coral.  Entering into the pen with us via the gate, her white blouse was blindingly bright in the sun’s rays. In her hands she carried a large hand bell.

“Hello I’m Azalea and I am your welcome guide today. Welcome, please, If I can have your attention. We’re going to watch a special introduction video from our Academy’s Headmistress. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions after it’s over. Mistress Ann, would you please get the projector?”  The leather clad woman with bright red hair pulled down a giant project screen from the stable’s rafters, filling our view.

Sitting bewildered, I watched as a spiral began to play on the screen. “Hello my hypnoslaves this is Mistress Carol.” Despite the strangeness of the film and the situation, I couldn’t look away. “Welcome to my training school for wayward slaves such as yourselves who need extra training and conditioning. Before we can begin your training, I must implant a new trigger in your minds for Mistress Azalea’s use. Now, at the count of three, you will be under my control.”

“Wake!”, Mistress Carol’s voice commanded.

“Wake up sleepy head”.  The film was over. I was standing.  I felt the sudden chilling realization of standing before Azalea, the leather clad women, and the other …naked men. We were all naked.

“Where are we?”, one of the naked men asked.

She interrupted him and smirked. “I will speak and you will listen.  I will command and you will obey. You are all here to learn how to serve and how to become better slaves. Yes, you may be here for all different reasons but you are all naked property of Mistress Carol. You all signed the waivers and accepted hypnotic triggers into your minds”, she continued.

“Rigid”.  Azalea rang the bell in her hands. No idea what was happening, I felt my cold naked, body tighten and stand up straight.

“Before we can begin your education at the Academy. We must first secure Mistress Carol’s Tools. Mistress Elizabeth, the devices, if you please.”  The leather clad woman with dark black hair wheeled a cart with cage like chastity devices stacked upon it. Azalea and the women entered the pen and began to methodically move from man to man. Unable to move, I waited for them to approach.

“Are you ready slave?” Azalea entered into my view.

Click. The sensations of the women’s hands enveloping my body in the chastity cage and Azalea’s beaming smile sent electric shivers down my spine but I was unable to step away. I could feel a collared restraint being placed around my neck with a leash attached. “Relax, slave”, a voice whispered.

“That’s the last of them”, Mistress Ann boomed.

“Good Now come along, it’s time for your first academic appointment in serving your Mistress.”  I felt the tug at my leash. “11:30 slave in-processing”.  I followed head bowed.

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