Float Away – Relaxing Erotic Trance Recording

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Float away into her voice.  Float away into bliss.

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Mistress Carol’s voice and brilliant hypnotic skill will melt your mind and take you into bliss in Float Away – Relaxing Erotic Trance recording.

Relaxing erotic trance

She makes your mind carefree and empty, soothing it as you surrender to her.  Her silky sultry voice wrapping around your mind as she takes all your cares and tension away.

Being empty feels so good to your mind.  Being deeply relaxed and blissful is exactly what you need.

You surrender and submit to Mistress Carol.  You automatically follow her and let go to her so easily.

She makes it easy.  She takes it all away.  Float away into deep relaxing bliss.

She makes you want to surrender and float away on her voice.

You want to follow.  You want to be her obedient pet.

Beyond bliss.  Her enchanting voice seduces you with her essence.  She knows what you need.  You need to let go and follow her mindlessly.

Emptied.  Enthralled.  Entranced.  She empties you of every single thought and care.

Further and further, you float on her voice.  You need to float on her voice.

You want to submit to her beautiful voice.

Float away on her voice now…

Fall into bliss as you Float Away – Relaxing Erotic Trance Recording.


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This recording features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Deep relaxation
  • Submission/obedience
  • Surrender
  • Bliss/pleasure
  • No wake command
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced alike
  • Background vocals and whispers
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background music
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Recording length is 30:45

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Float Away
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7 reviews for Float Away – Relaxing Erotic Trance Recording

  1. Dario

    The true definition of charisma?  Mistress Carol.

    The Goddess Carol is able to lead you into the deepest abyss of trance with the strength of a Queen or with the grace and sweetness of an Angel. In this session you experience a wonderful and progressive abandonment of all awareness and as you get lost you are lulled by the sensual voice of Angel Carol.

    What follows is pure pleasure. Submission and excitement. Love and devotion. You can’t and won’t resist Her! Your mind is blank and your only desire is to be with Her, Queen Carol.

    “Float Away” is a perfect example of Mistress Carol’s immense talent and it doesn’t matter if She comes to you as an Angel or as a Queen because either way She can take you to heaven.

    Don’t miss this masterpiece. You would regret it for sure.

    Thank You my Goddess.

  2. Severin

    ohhhhh where did my mind go? This is a hypnotic mind-massage that will smooth your consciousness away and leave you floating in bliss. This is mind-out-of-body level hypnosis.

    One of the joys of listening to Mistress Carol is the variety and depth of trances available and this is something else. This hypnosis session has one of the gentlest inductions possible and yet it is also a deceptively deep and relaxing hypnotic trance. You also get that unrivaled sound quality that Mistress Carol is renowned for, as well as pitch perfect professional production values. Nobody can match Mistress Carol for these values.

    If you’re a deep trance lover then this will be something you’ll want to listen to again and again but it’s an even better bet for somebody new to erotic hypnosis: If you’re looking to make a first foray into the world of erotic hypnosis this is a straightforward but deep trance that will give you a sweet taste what you’re looking for. It’s just so powerfully relaxing and seductive in the way Mistress Carol lulls you deeper and deeper into hypnosis as your mind floats away. Mistress Carol will have you hypnotized before you realise it.

    Thank you Mistress Carol!

  3. guyinatrance

    Mistress Carol seduces your mind while you quickly surrender to Her lovely hypnotic voice. Go deeper and follow Her on a pleasurable ride deep into a safe and relaxing trance! Her irresistible hypnotic voice is calming and persistent. Let go and follow Her on a pleasurable deep ride into hypnotic bliss!

  4. terry_c58

    I wasn’t prepared for how arousing it would be to float away on Mistress Carol’s soothing, seductive voice. The induction smoothly eased me into a deep trance. Then layered voices danced through my mind and carried me away on an erotic journey as I floated on her voice to levels I could imagine.

    I could hardly believe how aroused I became as her voice carried me further and further. It’s a journey I want to experience again and again.

  5. robbwork

    This is one of the very best deep trance sessions Mistress Carol has ever produced. Her soft, sultry and sensual voice brings you down very quickly but very gently, until you are so deep, you don’t even realize what happened. You no longer care and can do absolutely nothing about it. Her sexy whispers just keep relentlessly taking you deeper and deeper into profound state of bliss. So much bliss. When she is finished with you, you are finished. You are gone. You are in a deep blissful trance that you never want to leave. I have listened to this session four times. I can’t seem to stop listening. Trust me when I say you will not want to leave this trance. Give yourself plenty of recovery time or better yet, listen before bedtime. So much bliss.

  6. Martin James (verified owner)

    Floating away mindless and in trance
    Truely amazing session.
    Well worth the listen!

    Really great session Mistress Carol

  7. HPB

    Mistress Carol, “Float Away” is a most entrancing session – relaxing and blissful. Thank you very much.

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