Climax – Hands Free Orgasm with Erotic Hypnosis

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Superb Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training

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In this erotic hypnosis: Climax – Hands Free Orgasm, Mistress Carol is going to make you come hard… not with your hands, but with your mind. And, her sexy erotic voice controlling your deep, rich, erotic fantasies.

That’s right. In this erotic hypnosis audio session, you will experience one of the biggest orgasms ever, hands-free. You need do nothing, but lay back and relax, and allow Mistress Carol to take you on this thrilling erotic journey.

Held by a beautiful Dominatrix, your Mistress Carol, her voice seducing you deeper under her erotic spell. Your cock gets hard, harder, and your body sweats and stiffens in anticipation.

In these erotic dreams of ecstasy, pleasurable sensations move through your body, through your mind, as you listen to her sensual voice and obey her orgasmic commands.

Experience a Real Hands Free Orgasm!

As she twists your desires around her little finger and easily brings you to explosive orgasm.

Fall deeper for me now love and just enjoy a long hard climax. Your orgasm, as you fall into deep trance, and Mistress Carol unlocks your secret desires and erotic fantasies, activating an intense sexual climax deep inside of your mind.  The peak of your erotic pleasure. Sexual explosion. Erotic eruptions. So many little deaths (la petite mort!) and you climax over and over again uncontrollably, into orgasmic ecstasy.

Mistress Carol will confuse and hypnotize you into deep trance in this orgasm session and teach your mind to come for her with a simple snap of her fingers. This hypnosis session is smart, authentic and effective. Travel deep into hypnosis with Mistress Carol and experience a hands-free orgasm.

Orgasm will never feel the same again!

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This session features:
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Confusional induction
  • Hands Free Orgasm (HFO) training
  • Finger snaps
  • Trigger usage
  • Background vocals
  • Background music
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 45:00

3 reviews for Climax – Hands Free Orgasm with Erotic Hypnosis

  1. Ivar (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite sessions. I have listened to this a lot of times and every time it ends in total wonderful climax and every time it gets stronger and stronger. Be prepared to be dominated. Give your submission to Mistress Carol, you’ll love it and Mistress Carol feeds on it.

    This is Climax, give yourself to Mistress Carol and let her control your journey to climax.

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    In this masterful hands-free orgasm session Mistress Carol takes you deep and explains that it doesn’t matter if you ejaculate or not – but you will CUM HARD for her regardless.

    She takes you deep down within your subconscious mind and lights a fire under the memories of past orgasms. Mistress Carol make a deep association between your orgasm & her finger snap and she programs you to respond. The huge orgasm eventually flows up from deep inside you and is naturally created just by a snap of her fingers.

    Mistress Carol can dial your perceptions to exactly fit the scenario and you open up to unlimited possibilities and just react and not analyze it. The finger snaps continue and become more powerful & intense. If you don’t believe that hands-free orgasms are possible, then you MUST get this session and see for yourself! AMAZING!

  3. slave Royale

    This session is awesome. It’s another excellent hypnosis creation by Mistress Carol. It is a little difficult to put into words all of the amazing feelings I experienced with this session from beginning to end. It does everything in the session description and more. Overall, there is a lot of great deep trance hypnosis happenings leading up to the amazing ending.

    For me, I totally love the deep mindless blank trance hypnosis part, turning off my overactive mind, and giving up control, then allowing Mistress Carol to be in control for a while. And with many of Her sessions there are pieces of it that I simply cannot remember. It was the second time I listened to it when I really probably experienced the full effects of this session. When Her voice started hitting me from all sorts of different directions, then I believe that my mind knew that all I could do was relax, surrender, and allow Mistress to be in control at that point….and I was along for the ride and loved every minute of it. This is a truly mind blowing – total full mind and body intense experience to the point that I was exhausted (in a very good way) at the end of the session.

    I love hypnosis sessions by Mistress Carol – She is simply the best and most beautiful HypnoDomme. Thank You Mistress Carol.

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