Tuned Out and Turned On in 3D

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Close up and very personal.

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This delicious mind fuck is recorded in it’s entirety with a 3D microphone bringing Mistress Carol’s voice into the room with you. A multilayered covert conversational induction will lead you into deep hypnosis where play begins. Mistress Carol will plant instructions of extreme arousal within you while teasing your cock and mind. Will you give into to your desires or will you choose to resist it?

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This MP3 features:
    • Electronic MP3 download
    • Covert conversation induction
    • Whispers
    • Trigger word usage
    • Domination
    • Submission and obedience
    • Surrender
    • Extreme arousal instructions
    • Cock tease
    • Multilayered vocals
    • Background music
    • Binaural brainwave entrainment
    • Recording studio production quality
    • Session length is 33:22

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Mindless Obedient Tool
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2 reviews for Tuned Out and Turned On in 3D

  1. R (verified owner)

    Definitely a powerful session that is all about furthering Mistress Carol’s control over you. You are pulled deeper and aroused all while making you more hers.

    A very good session for building both the understanding and trust that you belong to her and that she controls your arousal so easily.

  2. Ben

    Mistress words become your thoughts condensing in your mind taking you deeper & making you more vulnerable to her control of you. The thoughts of her taking your mind arouses you and Mistress Carol fucks with your mind as you follow her like a lost little puppy dog.

    Your decisions belong to Mistress Carol. And you wake with your cock rock hard. Intense arousal increasing as she wakes you. Wonderful!

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