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Trained for the Female Hypnotist and the sacred feminine.

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In this intense hypnosis session, you will be trained to experience surrender and submission to the dominant female hypnotist and naturally and gratefully take your place beneath our voices. We permit you the pleasure of true mindlessness while enjoying the gifts of the hypnotic feminine voice. This session will help you to become more deeply hypnotized and fall further into the power of the sacred feminine.  This session was originally $29.95.  Buy it today!

This session includes:

  • Electronic MP3 Download
  • Relaxation Induction
  • Heavy Vocal Tracks including Whispers
  • Training to Fall Deeper into Hypnosis to the Female Hypnotist (not just Mistress Carol)
  • Appreciation and Reverence of the Sacred Feminine
  • Recording Studio Production Quality
  • Background Music
  • Delta Brainwave Technology
  • Session Length is 35:00.

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3 reviews for Reverent

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol is the absolute best at what She does. She gently takes into a deep hazy trance where She clears your mind of all thoughts. I have found myself drifting back into “consciousness” thinking I was thinking but actually the words were Hers and the voice was Hers.

    In some of Her audios Mistress challenges you to try and resist. I am at the stage where I am compelled to submit and surrender to the feminine energy that She exudes. I have no problem with Mistress’ words, commands and suggestions taking over every nook and cranny of my mind and replacing any thoughts, ideas with Hers. I WANT to hear her voice, I need to hear her voice, I am compelled to surrender to whatever She wants, desires or plans for me.

    The other delicious bit is the after effect I experience. I’m not sure if it’s due to this audio or because of other audios as well BUT Mistress keeps popping into my head throughout the day and when I think of Her, I feel an arousal building. Just soo sexy to know She’s doing this to me, even when simply I think of Her.

  2. R (verified owner)

    A very powerful training file. It pulls you into a deep trance and teaches you the importance of knowing powerful females are rightly in control of you.

    I will say as a very positive note, she does make a distinction that you should never let someone take advantage of you with ill intentions. And having that said is so important.

    Mistress Carol will lull you into a strong trance and help reinforce the most important points of hypnosis and femdom. A definitly important file to have for getting into the real submissive mindset and enjoying it.

  3. kphaws-0660

    REVERENT is an important training file designed to increase your responsiveness to femdom hypnosis.

    Mistress Carol molds your mind to be more susceptible to the female voice. For me, however that female voice is Mistress Carol and this luscious file opens my mind and leaves me yearning for the voice of this irresistible Goddess.

    It begins as a gently devotional file, but as the words wrap around you the addictive power of Mistress Carol’s voice envelops the listener. Leading into an extraordinarily deep trance you easily succumb and will remember little of the trance. What remains are vague memories charming, swirling voices and a near religious feeling of worship for the female dominant, in my case the Goddess that is Mistress Carol

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