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Positively Perfectly Programmed Re-Mistressed! Enjoy this free erotic hypnosis recording if you are a VIP Member and know where to find the coupon code.

free erotic hypnosis

Mistress Carol has “re-Mistressed” this wonderful relaxing free erotic hypnosis recording that helps you make the changes you’ve been wanting to make in your life.

Relax into Mistress Carol’s hypnosis and let her silky sexy voice positively program you to create a better life. Erotic hypnosis techniques combined with hypnotherapy techniques will have you feeling absolutely wonderful.

Mistress Carol is a big believer in positive thinking and the Laws of Attraction and Vibration. Her voice will overwhelm your mind as you fall into bliss for her.  There are no boundaries, no limits, no restrictions now.  You open yourself to all the possibilities.

You are more than welcome to purchase this recording but if you are a VIP Member, you received an email with the new password to open the VIP Vault.  Waiting for you is the coupon code that enables you to receive 100% off this recording.  What a gift from Mistress Carol! A brilliant free erotic hypnosis recording for her devoted pets.

You are always welcome to show her your appreciation with a gratuity and of course, you may purchase this session and support Mistress Carol’s hard work.  Good boys always say “thank you” when they receive a nice gift from Mistress Carol.

After you enjoy this session, return to purchase your favorite erotic hypnosis genres.  Deep hypnotic trance, hypnotic masturbation, hands free orgasm, sexual arousal and many more genres are always waiting for you.

You can also find Mistress Carol at Loyal Fans where she posts all sorts of media seen nowhere else.  Also, many of her older sessions are available at My Hypnotic Domain.  All have been discounted to $9.95.  Go check it out.

This session features:

  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Relaxing trance
  • Suggestions to create a better life
  • Metronome
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 24:46

4 reviews for PPP Re-Mistressed: Free erotic hypnosis recording

  1. Martin James (verified owner)

    Wonderful and very relaxing trance, i love how Mistress Carol’s voice makes me feel guiding and caring for me.
    I feel so great after coming out of the trance.

    Thank you Mistress Carol

  2. ajsvk73 (verified owner)

    A beautiful and caring file, the sweetest voice, the silken tones of Mistress Carol to carrying you so deep in a state where you feel seduced and guided through a journey of self discovery and delightful abandon, all at once, when, once again, the alchemy between those appealing horizons becomes a desirable mixture, so real and so fantastic.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    i’ve listened to this a couple of times now, and it was an incredibly relaxing experience. Both times I just floated away with Mistress Carols voice just guiding and caressing one. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet when I came out of trance I was feeling good in many ways.
    Thank you Mistress Carol

  4. bobsmith3031 (verified owner)

    What a wonderful, relaxing, and feel-good trance. With Mistress Carol behind you, you feel you can accomplish anything in the world!

    Although nothing overtly sexual, anyone who is a longtime fan will pick up on several triggers and hidden meanings, which makes the feel-good suggestions even better!

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