Mindless for Mistress

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Your mindless surrender is inevitable.

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Do you love being take DEEP into hypnosis and have all your control taken away and be made mindless? The erotic seduction you are about to receive will steal your mind away. Mistress will show you, repeatedly, just how suggestible you are and how your suggestibility ensures your complete obedient mindlessness. Very sexy. Many layers of voice and whispers along with a metronome will have you blank, empty and pliable.
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This session features:
  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Open-eyed trancing
  • Suggestibility tasks
  • Deep relaxation
  • Mindlessness
  • Whispers
  • Contains “slave” reference
  • Metronome
  • Contains wake command
  • Background music and vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 59:36

7 reviews for Mindless for Mistress

  1. David (verified owner)

    Mindless for Mistress is one of the most relaxing erotic hypnosis Mistress Carol has made. She invites you in with her warm sexy voice and then proceeds to take care of you for the next hour. I felt like Mistress was giving me a warm hug as She took me on an hour-long mind clearing sleep.

    She took away all my concerns over and over making me feel so fortunate to have this incredible sexy lady agree to control my mind and body in exchange for submission and obedience to Her. What an incredible deal.

    She makes me feel loved and wanted by a Mistress who will protect me in a way She can only do. My devotion for Her grows day by day but this hypnosis had my desire to love and adore Her grow incredibly strong.

    I can tell you that you are missing one of the most alluring recordings ever made. Do not wait, let Mistress take you into Her arms and take you to a place that will not just relax you but have an incredible impact of your mental and sexual well being.

    Mistress I love and adore You and am devoted to You. I am a devoted slave to You and cannot thank You enough for such a rewarding recording.

  2. RevRyan

    I’ve been away from the hypno world for a while. I had discovered Mistress Carol’s hypnotic files several years ago.

    I recently came back to this world and rediscovered Mistress Carol and her work. I’m one who prefers just to jump into the deep end. I decided to go all in and purchase Mindless for Mistress.

    The first time I listened to the audio I didn’t last long. Even though I had yet to listen to her other audio files that planted triggers, I dropped very fast. Not only did I drop fast, I dropped incredibly deep. I mean literally it was like I had been had breathed in sleeping gas. I literally passed out. The audio file was 60 minutes. I woke up 90+ minutes after I started the file.

    If you ask me what I experienced, I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is this. My life has been impacted. I am Mindless for Mistress and she’s my focus. It’s my priority to try and please. I have joined her wonderful world as a LoyalFans member. I also try to show my appreciate for her controlling my mind and making me mindless for her through my gifts.

    It’s the least I can do for my Mistress. ……

  3. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    An absolute masterpiece in mesmeric mindlessness! Words cannot adequately convey just how spectacularly Mistress removes EVERYTHING from your mind. There literally is NOTHING except Her voice, and boy does that wrap you in a wonderful, warm, soft, sensual but totally controlling trance.

    Submission is complete and Mistress is at Her hypnotic and sensual best. The excitement She creates is just incredible. This session reconfimred my love, adoration and total devotion to the Queen of hypnotic domination. In this session I was beyond being Her helpless hypnoslut…My consciousness and identity seemed to have been totally obliterated and there was only Mistress!

    God it’s incredible what She does to me. I am beyond hooked and obsessed.

  4. Kevin

    This session is long, enveloping and amazing. At some point my mind and thoughts… Mistress Carol’s voice became clear and was in the center of my head, her voice was my thinking, my thoughts. I was nowhere to be found and I was listening to my thoughts -which was Mistress Carol’s voice.

    I was aware, but only vaguely that I was on the edge of cumming for nearly an hour….. Mistress Carol owned my thoughts, my mind, me.

    The session repeats and is gently relentless. Amazing.

    Thank you Mistress Carol for brainwashing me into submission and obedience.

  5. David (verified owner)

    This recording is hard to review as I cannot remember much of it. Beginning with the eyes opening and closing, while I listened to the most beautiful voice all I remember is how calm and peaceful Mistress Carol had me when I woke up. Mistress Carol’s skill at fractionizing is unbelievable.! At first I was not a big fan but I have been trained so incredibly well by Mistress to relax and let Mistress take me so deep.

    I never understood what obedience is pleasure meant but I do now. Being obedient to Mistress Carol brings incredible pleasure to me, and She will allow all those who wish to submit to Her to find this same pleasure.

    Pleasure comes in so many ways from Mistress. There is a spot in my mind that is permanently there for Mistress Carol to visit every time I listen to her audio. This spot in my mind is right beside the throne she has in my mind for Her live visits on Skype.

    Thank You Mistress again for providing me so much bliss. I adore You, I submit to You, You are my Mistress, the controller of my mind and body.

  6. Ben

    I just re-listened to Mindless For Mistress and what a wonderful descent into mindlessness it was! Mistress Carol takes you deep and periodically has you open your eyes just to take you deeper. At one point my eyes were open but I could barely see as I was so deep. At some point she has your arm feel lighter and it automatically raises. She keeps deepening the trance with frequent uses of the SINK and SLEEP triggers. I found that focusing on the background tracks took me even deeper. It is a long session that just keeps making you more and more mindless and obedient to Mistress Carol. Delicious!

  7. JJ

    My mind has been erased and filled with bliss and obedience. I have just now finally enjoyed “Mindless for Mistress” and I just want to send to you my gratitude. I’m still numbed and I really don’t remember what happened. I just know that the induction was really effective because I rapidly found myself following your words, opening and closing my eyes and feeling instantly the REM movement in my closed eyes. Somewhere in the middle of the session my mind sinks, only returning sometimes to notice your voice (no words, only the voice of the Siren, only some background orders) and sinks again in a blissful sensation of being a mindless obedient puppet. Thank you.

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