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Hypnosis for Masturbation: Why should I do it?

What is Hypnosis for Masturbation?

Today we will learn all about Hypnosis for Masturbation, why it is it a popular form of erotic hypnosis for orgasm control and creating a physical sensory pleasure.

“Erotic hypnosis entails using hypnosis to enhance sensuality, sexual response, feelings, and sensations without necessarily needing to be touched,” explains Kaz Riley, a kink-friendly clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in working with folks experiencing sexual dysfunction.” How to Think Your Way to Orgasm – Healthline

What is Erotic Hypnosis for masturbation purposes?

Erotic Hypnosis for the purposes of masturbation can be used to enhance pleasure, for orgasm control, or for hands-free orgasm. During an erotic hypnosis session, the hypnotist guides their subject into a relaxed, trance-like state using their voice, inductions, deepening and triggers.

Hypnosis for masturbation for men is performed often by a HypnoDomme or Femdom hypnotist, who uses erotic hypnosis to enhance sexual feeling, arousal, and to take the user into a guide masturbation orgasm session.

Erotic Hypnosis is different than traditional clinical hypnosis and has distinct benefit.  A few of these benefits are:

  • To get turned on
  • To get off
  • To fulfill a fantasy
  • To have great orgasm
  • To enjoy eroticism
  • To relax
  • To feel better

What should I want to use hypnosis when I masturbate?

When in a state of hypnosis several things happen to the mind and body. The body becomes relaxed. The mind becomes less aware of the things happening around it. The listener becomes focused on the speaker and suggestibility heightens. In such a state, the listener has a greater ability of achieving a more fulfilling orgasm.

Relaxation – An active mind and a tense body can interfere with the ability to achieve orgasm.  Becoming relaxed lets the mind take the lead.  The mind is our best sex organ.  If your body is relaxed, issues such as tightness or muscle pain may take your focus away from what you really want – to come.

Decreased Awareness – Nothing ruins an orgasm more quickly than something unexpected.  When in a state of hypnosis, everything around you, sounds, smells, etc., fade into the background where the mind is less concerned about them and open to the instructions in hypnosis.

Focus on the Speaker – This goes hand in hand with decreased awareness.  Your awareness of everything around you becomes diminished and your focus on the speaker increases.  You pay less attention to what is going on around you and more attention on the sexy instructions being said to you. Of course, it helps if the speaker has a sexy, sensual voice that flirts and teases the listener.

Increased Suggestibility – In the state of hypnosis your mind has a greater capacity to accept the suggestions given by the speaker. The level of suggestibility experienced varies from subject to subject. With practice, you can train your mind to let go more readily and to accept the suggestions given to you in a hypnotic state, training yourself to become more suggestible. Some people are naturally suggestible, while others must work a little harder to get there. If you stick with it however, being open to suggestibility becomes easier and easier the more your train your mind to let get, relax, and receive.

Hypnosis for masturbation is an orgasm inducer. It puts you in a state of mind that enhances your ability to orgasm and opens you up to accept the instructions from the speaker leading you to a space where your orgasm is your singular goal.  Your increased focus on it increases your orgasmic results.  You receive stronger and more powerful orgasms.

What type of orgasmic masturbation sessions are there?

Many! Let me introduce you to a few of those genres below.

Guided Masturbation (Jerk Off Instructions) – In a guided masturbation hypnosis session, you are taken into hypnosis by induction and/or deepener.  Once hypnotized – relaxed, unaware, focused on the speaker and suggestible, you follow the instructions given to you until you reach the ultimate outcome – orgasm.  Your mind is open and free to just experience, and a knowledgeable and sexy hypnotist can lead you to extremely powerful orgasms.

Orgasm control/hypnotic chastity – For some people, being denied an orgasm for a period of time can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Hypnosis is used for this purpose.  A skilled hypnotist can use the suggestions of chastity to increase arousal or feelings of submission. Knowing your orgasm is in the hands of your hypnotist can be a very hot experience. Not knowing when you will be allowed to come while you remain aroused for long periods of time, leads to huge orgasms, when you finally come.

Tease and denial – Some people really get off on being teased in hypnosis. I personally love giving this gift to my clients. Everything experienced becomes more profound because your focused on an intense level of arousal, then leaves you there without resolution.  When you finally do get to come, all that arousal you experienced will result in an amazing climax.

Want bigger orgasms?

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