Comatose and Conditioned: Audio Erotic Hypnosis

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Further powerful Comatose trigger conditioning.

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Comatose and Conditioned is one of Mistress Carol’s latest in her Audio Erotic Hypnosis sessions, in one of her most popular themes: mind-bending deep hypnotic trance. During this deep dive into your subconscious, Mistress Carol will lead you into a faraway space within the depths of your mind, where you will be conditioned even further into your ultimate surrender.

For, it is there, in your most willing submission that your mind can be free, where all your desires can become reality, where there are no limits, and you can simply just “BE”.

In this download of audio erotic hypnosis, your Mistress will take you further into surrender, through a mesmerizing vocal induction… your mind is swirling, spinning in circles, as you go deeper and deeper into this sublime trance. You will become her hypno toy, to be used for her pleasure, spiraling down, down, down, as you float away like a leaf in an ever-winding stream, or like water down the drain, floating, falling, spinning, spiraling into deep trance.

It feels so good to surrender to her enchantment, to follow her down the ever-winding stream, to be sucked down into oblivion, as you relax and enjoy the journey to destination unknown. The swirling current moves you as your mind turns to hazy far-away dream of foggy awareness, and all you hear is her sweet voice beckoning you deeper and deeper into an erotic stupor.

Until you fall into the deepest trance of nevermore. The spiraling universe of your mind that goes on and on into eternity, forever and ever without end—into comatose— floating, falling, spinning, spiraling, cascading down, into deeper and deeper to endless, mindless trance.

No boundaries. No limits. The Mind Expansive and Limitless.

This is Oblivion. This is Comatose. This is Bliss.

I am ready to surrender…

Take me there now…

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This session features:

  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Vocal loaded no music induction
  • Triggers:  Comatose, submit, sink
  • Deep trance
  • Obedience/surrender
  • Trigger training and conditioning
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 38:00


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Comatose and Conditioned
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3 reviews for Comatose and Conditioned: Audio Erotic Hypnosis

  1. Dario (verified owner)

    This session is one of the greatest examples of Mistress Carol’s extraordinary abilities as a hypnotist and dominatrix.

    I lost the ability to reason almost instantly and later thoughts were replaced by strong physical sensations. I felt my body sinking into the bed, more and more, without an end. Mistress Carol’s voice was my only contact with the world. She was my world. The pure pleasure of belonging to Her.

    Suddenly I woke up devoid of any memory, completely dominated. Owned mind and body. This experience was so intense that it took me several minutes to reconnect my thoughts. Mind blowing. What an absolute masterpiece.  Unmissable.

    Thank you Mistress Carol for the privilege of being Your slave.

  2. Severin Severin (verified owner)

    Yet another amazing deep trance experience from Mistress Carol!

    This session really shows her versatility with the natural, organic feeling to the induction. The absence of background music brings Mistress Carol’s voice to the fore and her skill as a professional hypnotist really captures your focus.

    The natural rhythm and pacing of Mistress Carol’s voice will have you spiralling down so easily into trance here. I try to listen intently to her words but before I know it I’m spiralling down into deep hypnosis. It’s difficult to explain how it happens but there’s a natural cadence to what Mistress Carol says and it drops you continually deeper.

    I just find myself agreeing with a simple statement and then … it’s like my consciousness is hooked out of my mind and i’m spinning helplessly into deeper and deeper hypnosis.

    This will leave your mind spinning in a pleasurable, spiralling trance and it deeply implants (or reinforces) Mistress Carol’s powerful hypnotic triggers. It’s another deep hypnotic trance of bliss from Mistress Carol.

  3. Narid Sans

    When I listened to the file for the first time, I did not recognize when I actually slipped into trance. However, it must have occurred early and I must have dropped pretty deep.

    How do I know? Well, the file does not have a wakeup command. Usually, I am able to wake up by myself pretty easy afterwards. But not this time. Here, I felt really powerless and unable to focus. When finally waking up after some time, I noticed that the contents of the file were kinda blurry for me. I was not able to remember what was said … and this did not happen to me before on any first listen.

    So I thought, it was a coincidence. Maybe I was just tired or something. So I decided to listen again on another day. This time, I felt myself slipping under the second the file starts. I was unable to stop it and had no recollection afterwards.

    I have no idea what’s special about this file, but it’s a very strong one for me. The only other file that has comparable effects is „Obsolete“. Maybe it’s the conversational approach, I don’t know. If you’re into deep trances, this file is a must have.

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