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The Hypnotic Orgasm That Will Blow Your Mind

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What is an Hypnotic Orgasm?

An hypnotic orgasm is an orgasm that is induced under hypnotic suggestion. It produces more explosive, prolonged and pleasurable orgasms than an ordinary climax.

The subconscious mind is hugely mysterious, complex and powerful.  In hypnosis, the subconscious can change the intensity of experience and elevate it far beyond the norm.  An orgasm, for example, is most often a wonderful experience itself, but under hypnosis with an increased level of suggestibility, it can be profoundly explosive, lengthy and physically far above the experience achieved outside of hypnosis.  Simply put, hypnotic orgasms, mental or physical can rock your world and give you greater pleasure of experience while in a trance state.

I received a note from one of my Online Domination clients about his experience with an assignment I created for him.  His experience will give you an example of what can be achieved through hypnotic control and suggestibility.  Orgasmic intensity rising for this particular toy.

“Dear Mistress Carol,

I love it when you tease me and getting to play with Your Tool almost every day is just a wonderful privilege. Add to that nipple play and this turned into a week of moaning and whimpering.

I finally got to experience Exquisite Agony, that place, where I am deeply hypnotized, mindlessly stroking, on the edge so that if I changed my grip just a little bit I would explode after a few strokes. Being stuck there helpless in that state, unable to stop or climb over that edge and explode. Just stroking, moaning and writhing. Mind completely lost, replaced by the aching need to cum, held firmly in the grip of Your control. Thinking about You being there, observing the spectacle Your voice and words have created, being in complete control of my mind, body and orgasms. All I can do is stroke, moan and drool as I wait for You to decide my fate.

Stop! I hear and my hand instantly stops and falls next my body. My entire being begging for the hand resume stroking for just a little while, even if there isn’t any release, being on edge is too great of pleasure to let go. Just little bit longer, but no force on earth can make my hand move back once Mistress’s voice has commanded it to stop. Even as I exit the trance, I just lay there obediently waiting for the ranging erection to subside even though I know that it would take just a few strokes to get to an orgasm. I won’t. Mistress has decided that I should be denied, and I will do exactly as Mistress Carol tells me to do. Mistress knows best and obedience is a path to pleasures I could not imagine on my own.

Rocket! She finally said and my mind explodes in ecstasy and my mind is overwhelmed by sheer bliss. Hearing that word alone releases a tidal wave of pleasure in mind. There are few joys greater than being granted relief through a mind-bending Mistress approved orgasm. It takes a few seconds for my hand to adjust its grip to give those couple of strokes needed to go over edge. The ejaculation is simply explosive, the wave physical pleasure crashes into my mind and my moaning turns into screams of sheer pleasure. My mind goes completely blank from all the pleasure. I keep cumming and cumming until my stomach is drenched and my cock head starts stinging.

Eventually the orgasm starts to die down. My tired hand having fulfilled its mission falls limp at my side. My mind sinks into oblivion as my body starts to soak my brain in the intoxicating cocktail of chemicals that get released post orgasm. Mistress’s voice pulls my exhausted mind out trance and I am left there dazed and confused by the post orgasmic haze and the aftereffects of the trance. I am not able to get up for a while so I decide to take a short nap. As I roll over to get into a more comfortable position. A mistake since I haven’t done anything to the puddle of cum on my stomach. I’ll launder the sheets later; I think as I drift to sleep feeling grateful and in awe of Mistress.

Thank you, Mistress Carol, for another mind shattering orgasm and the week of cock teasing that got me there. I am so happy and grateful that You control my orgasms, I could never experience things like this on my own.”

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