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One Mistress – A Hypno Mistress Story

One Mistress – A Hypno Mistress Story by slave Royale

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One word, one look, one listen, one snap of Her fingers… is all it takes for Mistress Carol to send you deep. Deeper and deeper down you go traveling yet again to that far away place where only She knows. To that special room where She has reserved a place for only you. Look into Her eyes, listen to Her beautiful voice, and then all you will want to do is sleep and obey. She is in control now and you are safe in Her care. Go deeper. She commands me as my thoughts begin to melt away yet again as I obediently listen and obey. In and out of the trance, She guides me, commands me…for I am a mindless yo-yo of a sub now for my Mistress… forever sinking deeper and deeper until there is nothing more left of me. Or maybe this time I am a mere simple, mindless puppet existing only for Her pleasure now…entranced and spellbound yet again am I. She keeps me safe in Her special place and this is where I will forever be. Yes Mistress Carol, Your submissive slave will obey.

In Mistress Carol’s Hypnotic Domain is where I desire to remain – hypnotized, mesmerized, paralyzed, and craving for more of Her hypnosis to be installed deep inside of me. When She is pleased, then She goes to work on me. She expertly transforms and renovates my mind and body – to become a more improved person…. to become an upgraded version of me. No more thoughts or cares for me now as I let go of my stress and anxiety… my dark past is now simply a distant memory. She is a true expert at Her craft – a skilled Hypnotist… a Dominatrix… the HypnoDomme and beautiful Mistress of my dreams. She is in control now… as my deepest most wonderful hypnosis dreams of my past are transformed to become my fantastic new reality. It is a new reality where I am safe in Her beautiful hypnotic care. A most delightful place where I always long to be now – lost in Her deep enchanting green eyes, captivated by Her smile and gorgeous body, Her voice is music to me – all of this fills up my focus now as I fall even deeper into trance for only Her … my only desire is to please Her and obey. She is the only Mistress for me.

Whether I am in Mistress Carol’s classroom as a student, or in Her dungeon on my knees, meeting her in a small café, or walking on a beach or through a park, or in a room tied to Her table – there is always more time for a submissive slave’s training upgrade … for Mistress Carol only knows where She keeps me this time whenever I visit Her Hypnotic Domain. Whether I am Her Robot, Her new patient, Her unmoving statue, or Her willing prey… somewhere on another adventure… whatever Mistress wants to do with me…. I will obey. She could choose to send me somewhere close by or send me far, far away – for only She knows where I will be. Yes Mistress Carol, I will obey. I trust Her to be in control now when I am in Her Domain. No more thoughts, no more cares, no worries for this slave …. only Her voice commands me. Yes Mistress, Your slave will obey. I am Her submissive slave now… always in training to serve Her better and to give Her pleasure. Thank You Mistress Carol… for You are the one true Mistress for me.


We hope you enjoyed this Hypno Mistress Story

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