Squirm: An Intense Arousal Recording

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In this Intense Arousal Recording, I’m going to make you Squirm…

Your energy and arousal belong to me now as you squirm inside the deep recesses of your mind…

Sexual Arousal

Your highly aroused mind goes deeper.  You deep mind becomes highly aroused.

Lost in Mistress Carol’s voice.  Lost in Mistress Carol’s power.  She will take you deep, make you highly aroused and make you Squirm, in this Intense Arousal Recording.

Everything but her voice falls away as she takes you and your energy and controls it completely.  You love it.  You want to be controlled by her.  You long to be controlled by her.

Mistress Carol controls your mind now, making you so hot and horny.  You are open wide and swallow her new trigger with complete abandon.

You are hers.  You will always be hers.  You can never go back.

Her voice is irresistible.  And it feels so good as she makes you squirm, over and over and over again.  Drawn like a moth to a flame, her voice swimming deeper and deeper with each breath you take.

She grants you more pleasure as you squirm for her and you feel so alive.

Go deeper now into this Intense Arousal Recording.  Feel more of it penetrate you as she rewrites the book of you.  She makes you more.  She makes you better.  The feelings are so intense, so powerful.

She holds you spellbound with her voice, taunting and tormenting you with her seductive words.  Your arousal soars.

Squirm for her.  Squirm for Mistress Carol. Squirm now.


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This recording features:

  • Intense Arousal Recording
  • Electronic Mp3 download
  • Countdown inductions
  • D/s
  • Finger snaps
  • Trigger training
  • Intense arousal
  • Post session masturbation
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Background music
  • Background vocals
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length is 35:15

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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Giles
Writhing in pleasure

I’d been saving myself for this session and it was totally worth it! Mistress Carol demonstrates her total control over both your mind and body, triggering you mercilessly. Once I was squirming mindlessly, I felt owned completely. I could feel her suggestions slipping into my unconscious mind, and as my arousal built to an explosive climax, I couldn’t care what they were. This session really hit the mark, thank you for allowing us this pleasure Mistress Carol!

7 reviews for Squirm: An Intense Arousal Recording

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    Another 10 out of 5 for Mistress! Submitting to Mistress and letting Her take me into a deep state of hypnosis is always such a thrill.

    In this session I not only found myself deeply enveloped by Mistress’ voice but also experienced “spurts” of increasing, intense arousal. She drives me wild and also somehow applies a type of “delicious” deprivation during the session. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I seem to have wanted some form of release but nevertheless enjoyed how She seemed to increase my arousal as the session progressed. I woke up with an intense need for release that felt just so much better feeling that I was doing Mistress’ bidding.

    Also have to say that EVERY session with Mistress leaves me with a wonderful intense “afterglow” to which I am now totally addicted. God I love what Mistress does to me – She’s the best x.

  2. terry_c58 (verified owner)

    The control and arousal in this session are phenomenal!

    Mistress Carol demonstrates very clearly her ability to take control not only of my mind, but my body also. Her deepening techniques are on full display in this session. I found myself eager to go down each deeper path with her and anxious for her to snap the new trigger, taking control of my body. Her ability to control my orgasm and have me abstain from any stroking until she gave permission is sure. Once she did give permission, though, I came quickly and forcefully.

  3. GB (verified owner)

    I don’t usually do reviews, but Mistress Carol has outdone herself in this one. I went into a very deep blissful trance. There are several count downs and mantras to ensure that your brain is like a sponge. Then mistress hits you with the barrage of “squirms”, these will really do a number on your mind and body.

    I loved it, would definitely purchase a “Squirm 2” if it came out.

    Great job on this one Mistress Carol, 🥰

  4. Severin (verified owner)

    This is a spectacular sexy demonstration of Mistress Carol’s hypnotic skills and Her power as a Dominatrix. She had me under deep hypnosis long before the countdowns began but when the did start I tumbled and feel deeper and deeper under Her spell.

    Mistress Carol is confident enough to go where other Dommes fear to tread and this session WILL put you deeply under Her hypnotic control. It’s a lifetime dream come true to discover a HypnoDomme as powerful and skilled as Mistress Carol and it is pure bliss and euphoria to be able to own and listen to this hypnosis session over and again – beware because it feels SO GOOD it’s highly addictive. You will be completely under Mistress Carol’s control.

    The climax of the session will have you squirming and writhing in waves of ecstasy as you mindlessly obey Mistress Carol’s hypnotic instructions.

    My recommendation: GET THIS SESSION NOW!!!!

  5. slave Royale (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s voice easily hypnotizes and controls me – definitely my mind and body at this point with Her beautiful hypnotic voice.

    I totally love this session. It is an absolutely wonderful, deep trance, gradually increasing pleasure filled hypnotic erotic trance experience. This session does everything in the description and so much more. If you can just allow yourself to relax, let go, and be along for this excellent ride with Mistress in control… the session is so awesome and finger snaps makes everything even better.

    I cannot resist Her powerful hypnotic ways and you will not want to resist Her any longer when you listen to this session. Submit and surrender to your hypnotic Mistress Carol because She knows what you all want and will allow you to experience the ultimate pleasure here … but only when She is ready to allow it all to happen. This session is definitely a must listen to hypnosis experience. Thank You Mistress Carol.

  6. HPB (verified owner)

    This amazing trigger implanting session starts relatively gently. Then Mistress turns up the intensity of her new trigger until your squirming bursts into erotic bliss. Mistress does not command you to forget this trance allowing you to bask in the post-trance experience and to look forward to repeating this session. Thank you, Mistress Carol.

  7. Mistress’ submissive (verified owner)

    Multiple voices, countdown trance, trigger words spoken by an unmatched erotic hypnotic voice! you cannot help but to breathe in Her voice into your submissive mind. Such a totally hypnotic script, finger snaps sending you down into a most pleasant trance! A Dominant Female imposing Her will on you, using Her considerable hypnotic skills to extract from you what She wants. you will gladly succumb, surrendering to Her will! She knows what you need, what you crave! Mistress Carol is the accelerant, She also fans the flames of lust, fueling your hypno-erotic cravings! She is all you need and all that you want! Highest Recommendation!

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