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Submit to Mistress Carol’s Treatment

Submit to Mistress Carol’s Treatment – a hypnotic erotica session by Subtle

(Partially based on a true story)

I signed the waiver and like that I was on the operating bed being prepared for my vasectomy. The beautiful nursing assistant gave me a cup with a pill of Valium making me relax while she placed the surgical rags around my crotch. As she shaved me, I started thinking about nasty thoughts of what I wanted her to do to me, but I could tell by body was feeling more and more limp.

“Hi, how’s everyone doing today,” the female doctor came in wearing her scrubs and surgical mask. I remember thinking she had some of the sexiest eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Never felt better…it’s not every day I’m this exposed in front of two beautiful women.”

“Well, we do love to have people baring their souls here.” The doctor gave the assistant a quick glare of displeasure, like she was scolding her. “We’re just going to put these headphones over your ears so you don’t have to hear us work.”

As she did, I remember some soft music filling my ears and nothing else. The next thing I remember is waking up on my sofa fully with a bag of frozen peas on my cock. I thought the surgery went exactly like it should have and thought nothing more of it.

My recovery was normal. For the first few days there was nothing but discomfort, a few days after that it felt like a bad groin pull. After the week, I was feeling back to normal but I still didn’t feel an ounce of arousal in me.

Two weeks after the surgery, I was watching TV and a commercial came on for a local business that was holding a contest. The young bimbo spokesperson was rambling on ridiculously, but then she said something that made me respond: “All you need to do is submit an entry.” As she giggled, I could feel my cock twitch in arousal. “We treat every submission the same.” I unbuttoned my pants and reached for my growing cock. “You can submit as many times as you want.” My cock still being sensitive throbbing in my hand as I started losing awareness around me. “Just don’t forget to submit your entry by the end of the month.”

As she giggled, I fell into a mindless trance, stroking like I hadn’t forever. Harder, faster, words fumbled over my lips but I had no clue what I said. My hand stroked faster, and faster, and faster. My other hand started crawling up my shirt, and circling my nipple. I wanted to cum so bad. Oh, fuck….I could feel like it’s right there….just a few more, oh, God…..

And like that, it ended as fast as it began. I was right there, but when I was about to come everything just went limp. I was disappointed but thought nothing of it and redressed myself.

The next day I was driving to the store when I got a call over my Bluetooth from the doctor’s office.

“Hello.” The sexy voice cooed, “Yes, we were just going over some of your paperwork and we are going to have to have you resubmit your F-2503 form.” I pulled over to the side of the road, feeling the blood entering my cock and my breath stop. “Yes. You will also have to submit to a new treatment regimen and we would like to discuss this with you. Yes. The voice became more demanding.  We expect to have your submission by the end of the day. Yes.”

I mindlessly drove to the doctor’s office. It looked like it had been closed for the evening but as I walked up to the doors, I punched the code in and hit enter, opening the sliding doors. I had no idea how I knew the code but didn’t question anything. I walked into the lobby and saw the doctor’s assistant sitting on the receptionist counter, her legs crossed with her top leg bobbing up and down.. She was wearing a slick black leather thigh high boots, short leather black gloves, and nothing else. Her long black hair blown out like an 80’s rock goddess. As I stood there in disbelief, she slowly strolled up to me with a collar and leash in hand.

“Mistress is very disappointed in you that you haven’t recovered as fast as you should have.” I could feel the collar being applied to my neck as the smell of her perfume filled what remaining will I had left. As I heard the clip of the leash on my collar, my knees buckled bringing me to the floor. As she started walking I felt the uncontrollable urge to follow, crawling on my hands and knees. She opened the door to the back offices. As the door opened, I could see her, her long leather jacket, her boots protruding from the slit, her leather cap with silver chain over the lip, and those sexy eyes. As the assistant handed the leash over to her, she bowed her head and immediately turned and walked out.

“SUBMIT!” she demanded, snapping her fingers and like that I was frozen, mindless, my cock growing hard.

“I am your Mistress, Mistress Carol. I had expected this meeting sooner, but obviously you need more training. What was it that you were to recite to me when you saw me?”

“I belong to Mistress Carol. I am completely submissive to Mistress Carol. I am Mistress Carol’s Devoted Slave.” I spoke the words as easy as if they were my ABC’s.

“There might be hope for you yet.” Mistress Carol smirked. “Now, let’s begin your new treatment and maybe I’ll let you cum this time….maybe.”

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