Breast Obsessed: Breast Worship Fantasy

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Your desire will now turn into a full-blown obsession.

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In this Breast Worship Fantasy, “Breast Obsessed” you will be able to live out your fantasy of breast fetishism, worshiping a woman’s big, beautiful breasts.

When you see a pair of big, beautiful breasts you are drawn like a moth to the flame, and your eyes can’t get enough of them. Your eyes take in the luscious round curves, the deep cleavage in between where you could crawl inside, how they hang, sway and bounce just perfectly pert as she moves, the nipples hard and suckable.

You dream of touching those breasts, of rubbing your face between them, feeling the fullness of their flesh upon your face, as they softly encompass you. You long to touch them, to hold them, to fondle and squeeze, like two magic pillows that offer you ecstasy. Your mouth craves to taste them, your touch to lick, your lips to suck, to feel their soft warm and perky hardness inside your mouth.

You desire to be overpower by her breasts, to control you, to enslave you, to mesmerize you fully. You watch as they bounce as she walks, slow and seductive, bouncing beautifully, big, bouncing beautiful breasts. Mmmmm…

You are obsessed by them, those full, luscious breasts, so abundant and bountiful, and you hunger for them so deeply. Your manhood swells with encumbrance and imagine your deepest breast worship fantasy, coming alive before your eyes. Big tits shaking in front of your eyes as you stare and fall into a mammary-induced haze and big tit trance.

You surrender yourself to this breast worship fantasy, to this stimulating hypno-trance, this erotic hypnosis, your raging obsession with big, beautiful breasts, as you fall deeper, and deeper, under their erotic spell.

With your purchase you receive two sessions – one with a wake ending and one without.

This session features:

  • Electronic MP3 download
  • Open-eyed trance induction option while watching video
  • Countdown induction
  • Multilayered vocal programming
  • Metronome
  • Bass drum beats
  • Trigger usage:  Sleep, Sink
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Breast worship & breast fetishism
  • Craving for repeat listening
  • Stronger effects with every listen
  • Two sessions – one with wake ending and one without
  • Recording studio production quality
  • Session length without wake ending is 41:40
  • Session length with wake ending is 40:55

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Breast Obsessed
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4 reviews for Breast Obsessed: Breast Worship Fantasy

  1. A loyal and adoring slave (verified owner)

    I just can’t praise Mistress enough. I am naturally drawn to breasts anyway but this session is just so validating. Not only did She enhance my obsession with breasts – She validated it!

    As with almost all of Her sessions, Mistress took me to a really relaxed place where I could feel Her control over me and an intense arousal building. By the time the session ended, I was more than compelled to find a platform where I could perve at beautiful breasts. The exciting thing was that the experience was much richer, more erotic, more arousing and incredibly fulfilling because it had been endorsed and encouraged by Mistress.

    I get excited just thinking about the control this gorgeous hypnoDomme has over me. Additionally the release I experienced felt far more satisfying because of what this unbelievably sexy woman had done to me. Thank YOU Mistress, you are the greatest! x

  2. Brainwashed_Hypnoslave

    A delightful erotic hypnotic experience that will stick with you long after you wake.

    After a particularly hot open-eye induction (hypnotized by breasts? Yes please!), my mind felt like it had been reduced to soft, moldable mush, at which point the only things that remained were arousal and vague recollections of being fractionated. The feeling afterward can only be described by the session title – obsessed. Obsessed with breasts. Obsessed with the quick trances fallen into since listening when seeing a lovely pair of breasts. Obsessed with this session and eager to listen again. Obsessed with Mistress Carol’s command of my mind.

  3. Android5c077 (verified owner)

    Ever since Mistress Carol first blew away my mind and cock with ‘Big Bouncy Boobs Brain Bend’, I have been eagerly hoping that she would grace us with another breast-focused tour de force, and I’m so glad that’s exactly what she has done with this session.

    As someone who was already quite breast obsessed, now I am *Breast Obsessed* with capital letters – those magnificent assets that women hold over me are now wired to induce a full-on trance, after Mistress Carol’s sultry and seductive voice wove a tapestry of tits in my brain.

    The wording of this session is yet more delight on a similar level to ‘BBBBB’, and every mention of women’s big beautiful breasts spilling from her red lips draws me deeper. Even without using a video to accompany the induction, images of big boobs will fill your mind and lull you into sleepy obedience. Then, my favourite hypnotic method of fractionation is brought to bear against you, and I was thrilled to feel the rise and fall back into trance over and over again like a big, bouncing… pair of breasts.

    I have never been happier to be Mistress Carol’s deeply tit-notized obedient boy, and my dream is that one day I might be in the presence of her amazing breasts myself – I cannot even imagine the depths of trance they would send me to.

  4. Severin Severin (verified owner)

    This hypnosis session really packs a punch – my conscious mind gets kicked into touch a couple of minutes (or maybe even seconds) after I press the play button.

    I can’t stop listening to this file – it’s very pleasurable and highly addictive. There’s a strange kind of psychology at play here: the idea of being hypnotized to become obsessed with breasts is a weird one because, let’s face it, that’s what most of us are anyway. Have you ever acquiesced to a play fight with a girl, let her win but then found out that she’s actually now got you in a hold you can’t break out of? This file is kinda like that. You might start off giggling at the notion and just curious (“I’ll maybe take a little listen but I’ll try not to get hypnotized!”) and then before you know it Mistress Carol has you deeply hypnotized and you are completely under her control.

    Breast files aren’t the genre of hypnosis session that I normally buy – I prefer hypnosis sessions to focus on the hypnosis aspect rather than more conventional sexual stimuli but because it’s Mistress Carol and I need to be hypnotized I gave it a go. Mistress Carol simply can’t resist being overwhelming and all powerful when it comes to hypnotizing us. Her voice starts off with its lulling rhythm and sultry tones and then – whoomph! – you are in hypnosis. You are deeply hypnotized. You fall down into a deep trance before you know it and Mistress Carol just keeps on taking you deeper and deeper.

    Although, as usual, I remember very little, there *must* be plenty of breast, boob and tit imagery being used while you’re hypnotized because the session feels like a vivid dream where you’re being hypnotized and overwhelmed by large breasts. That’s certainly my idea of the wettest of wet dreams.

    Since listening to this session I can’t stop thinking about breasts and wanting to stare constantly at breasts. I feel like a randy 14 year old again. It’s taking up 90% on my waking hours and my internet history has been blotted out with boobs. Not even hard porn – just boobs boobs boobs. Thank god we live in the internet age.

    This is real, powerful hypnosis and it WILL hypnotize you into becoming obsessed with breasts.

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