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Mistress Carol Launches New Site: Erotic Hypnosis Files for Men

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Erotic Hypnosis Files: Lifestyle Dominatrix, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and internationally acclaimed Erotic Hypnotist, Mistress Carol launches new website

Erotic Hypnosis Files: Mistress Carol specializes in producing erotic hypnosis audio masterpieces for men’s sexual pleasure and fantasy, and her new site showcases her latest and best deep erotic trances including BDSM and Femdom worship, Fantasy roleplay and sissy transformations, Hands-free orgasm and JOI Masturbation experiences.

“I am fascinated with the power of the mind and what it can accomplish in hypnosis. I enjoy creating mental journeys where men can experience the delight of various fantasies while remaining in the safety of your own mind.  I love to crawl into men’s subconscious and show them the erotic pleasure and euphoria that is found in this particular space. Being a sensual creature, it’s easy for me to use my voice, talent and training, with just words, taking them to a place where limits are removed completely to explore their inner desires. Everyone can be hypnotized and if you have ever fantasized about being taken by a Mistress you can choose from a playful hypnosis fantasy to heavy mind control and BDSM play.”—Mistress Carol

Erotic Hypnosis Files

In addition to audio erotic hypnosis files and online sessions available for purchase on the new site, Mistress Carol also offers unique Personalized Erotic Hypnosis and customized sessions for her clients in which the primary vocal speaks directly to the listener addressing them by name and adding their personal kink weaving a hypnotic journey into their mind.

“I love Mistress Carol’s hypnosis and vivid imagination. Her voice weaves the most wonderful experiences of fantasy and hypnosis I’ve ever encountered.”—Happy Customer

Clients can also experience Live Erotic Hypnosis online via Skype or Zoom tailored to their unique fantasies or fetishes and Online Domination Training, “an extremely powerful, exhilarating and arousing experience”.  Femdom training topics include instructed masturbation, Male chastity hypnosis, anal play, CBT, nipple torture, tease and denial or orgasm control, Goddess worship and adoration tasks, and if course hypnosis.

On Mistress Carol’s Custom Sessions:

“Its potency, efficacy, and sheer eroticism are completely undeniable. The audio engineering is unparalleled and irresistible, and the power of your voice is a force of nature. I lose myself to unadulterated bliss of hypnotic oblivion. Your mind manipulation is artful and aggressive, enchanting and captivating.”—Happy Client

Free subscribers to the new website get a free erotic audio hypnosis recording bi-monthly as well as updates on Mistress Carol’s newly created masterpieces.

About Mistress Carol

Mistress Carol Lifestyle Dominatrix, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and internationally acclaimed Erotic Hypnotist. She has been featured on,,, Sophia Grey, Erotic Hypnosis (Reddit).

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About With 100s of erotic downloads, is the leading platform for the highest quality, premium erotic hypnosis audio recordings for men. The site offers hundreds of highly-produced original audio hypnotic sessions and audio erotica that will transport you into an immersive world of sexual, fetish and kinky fantasies specifically tailored to men’s erotic desires.


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