Custom Erotic Hypnosis Sessions

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Mistress Carol will create an erotic masterpiece just for you.

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While our erotic hypnosis shop has many sensual deep hypnotic trance audios to purchase, Mistress Carol can also create Custom Erotic Hypnosis Sessions, tailored personally to your desires.

What Type of Custom Erotic Hypnosis Sessions Can Your Order?

  • Non-exclusive custom sessions (those that Mistress Carol can market for general release) start at $500 for a 30 minute session.
  • Exclusive custom sessions start at $1,000 for a 30 minute session (purchase non-exclusive and add the upgrade for exclusive).
  • If you want a longer session or a secondary vocal track, be sure to add the upgrade to your cart.  Confused?  Email Mistress Carol at

What to Add in Your Email to Mistress Carol

You must email Mistress Carol with your description ideas for your custom erotic hypnosis experience. Please include a brief description of the scenario you want, your desires, your limits, theme, types of erotic content, the name you want her to use, and what other important details you want in your personalized session.

Choose your idea from these categories, or create your own!

This is what you need to do:

  • Email Mistress Carol at with your idea if you are unsure whether your idea is exclusive to you or non-exclusive and suitable for general release.
  • Purchase your custom erotic hypnosis audio session (all sessions are paid in full).  Be sure to include any upgrade you want.
  • Email Mistress Carol a paragraph of your session idea along with any information to what type of induction you would like.
  • Custom sessions take between six to eight weeks to complete depending on Mistress Carol’s current workload or travel schedule.
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Custom Erotic Hypnosis Sessions
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4 reviews for Custom Erotic Hypnosis Sessions

  1. Sallygoodgirl

    My Custom is a Masterpiece, a work of Art and there is nothing like it available for sale in the World of Femdom Domination and Control through Hypnosis – Anywhere!!!

    Mistress Carol is simply Brilliant – and Amazingly Intelligent!!!!! She delivered everything I requested and begged for – and then provided me with way more than I bargained for!!!!!

    If you ever wanted a “Custom Session”, get it HERE!! You will NEVER regret it!!!!!

  2. Hypno-P (verified owner)

    I ordered a custom session a while ago and after who knows how many listens I must leave a review.

    For context, my session was based on a hypnotic story I read which went to the heart of a specific fantasy – a powerful female hypnotist conditioning her subject to fall, helplessly turned on but also submissive, docile, obedient and “stuck”, at the sight of her bare breasts. With some modification and addition to the idea, I sent my request to Mistress Carol. And she created a masterpiece.

    I am now fully enraptured to listen as often as possible and, without giving away secrets, can confirm the effect has powerfully and completely taken over. Physically and mentally. And I can’t listen enough.

    Now this may float your boat, or you may have no interest whatsoever. The point is simple – whatever fantasy you have, whatever first made you interested in erotic hypnosis, Mistress Carol can make it become reality.

  3. JL


    The session is MAGNIFICIANT!!!!!!

    I am stunned!!!!!!! It is everything I could have asked for and I will submit to it every single day from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zach (verified owner)

    Mistress Carol’s hypnotic control is something of a dirty secret you have to experience over and over.

    My custom session took me deeper than I was expecting and pressed all the mind blowing buttons I had hoped for. Feeling time melt away and things go from sensual to extravagant, then cranked up to extremely devious, was just incredible.

    I highly recommend.

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